Robert Wyer

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Robert Wyer, PhD

Research Professor, Department of Marketing

2355 Carl H. Lindner Hall


Published Contributions
Robert Wyer,  (2018). Some determinants and consequences of beliefs: Cognitive, social and motivational. The Handbook of Attitudes, Volume 1: Basic Principles, 45.

Robert Wyer,  (2017). The role of mindsets, productions and perceptual symbols in goal-directed information processing . Consumer Psychology Review, 1-17.

Geetanjali Saluja, Rashmi Adaval, Robert Wyer,  (2017). Hesitant to label, yet quick to judge: How cultural mindsets affect the accessibility of stereotypic knowledge when concepts of the elderly are primed. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 23-38.

Robert Wyer,  (2017). Hesitant to label, yet quick to judge: How cultural mindsets affect the accessibility of stereotypic knowledge when concepts of the elderly are primed . Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 23-38.

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Rashmi Adaval, Robert Wyer,  (1998). The Role of Narratives in Consumer Information Processing. Journal of Consumer Psychology, Elsevier, 207-245.

Research in progress
Title: Bigger of the same or more of the same:  Effects of magnitude priming on charitable giving
Status: Writing Results
Research Type: Scholarly

Title: The Effect of Culture-Based Social Orientations on Nonsocial Information Processing
Status: Writing Results
Research Type: Scholarly

Title: Assimilation or Contrast:  The effect of anchoring on price perceptions
Organization: Association of Consumer Research
Location: Portland, Oregon
Year: 2004