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Constantine Polychroniou, PhD

Professor - Educator, Department of Marketing

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Constantine G. Polychroniou is Professor-Educator of Marketing and International Business. He has a PhD from Columbia Pacific University (1992) in Business Administration with economics as a support discipline. He has worked as a management consultant for 15 years, most of those, in Europe and on projects concerning the Greek economy’s integration into the European Union. Specifically, he worked on the transformation and adaptation of trade policies to conform to the relevant Directives of the EU, following Greece’s joining the European Economic Community (EEC) in 1981. Consulting projects also included the expansion of a Cement Company into middle-eastern markets, and, advising on the formulation of marketing plans for several banks. His research interests lie primarily in international issues, ranging from cross-border market development, the effects of institutionalization on the internationalization of markets, regional integration, global governance, and, intercultural convergence. He has been active with publishing in the above areas of interest. His publications have appeared in the journal of European Planning Studies, International Journal of Economics and Business Research, Journal of Marketing Development and Competitiveness, Forum for Social Economics, International Review of Modern Sociology, AIB Insights, the International Economy and more. He has been an ad hoc reviewer for the Journal of International Marketing and the Journal of Marketing Education. He has repeatedly received invitations from publishers to author and publish books in international business. He has been active in the political system of Greece, advising a political party on the challenges of Greece’s economic transformation and on policy formulation. He teaches international business, and, international marketing. He has developed a course “Social Entrepreneurship: Challenges in the New Global Economy”, for the University Honors Program, which for the past ten years he has delivered in collaboration with the University of Quebec, Montreal, Canada teaching the class at both the University of Cincinnati and the University of Quebec. Every year, since 2003, he has had visiting professor assignments at ESCEM-Tours and Toulouse, France. He has also taught the class “Understanding European Business: EU Negotiations”, which involved a visit to a French school in Paris. In 1996, professor Polychroniou was honored by the Prime Minister of Greece for having supported the implementation of his government policies through one of his articles in the International Economy. In 2013, professor Polychroniou received the University of Cincinnati Honors Excellence in Teaching Award.

Teaching Interest
Marketing; International Business.

Research Interest
Regionalization; Global governance; Institutionalization.

Title: Reviewer

Title: Reviewer

Institution: University of Cincinnati
Title: Professor-Educator of Marketing & International Business

Institution: International Management Consultant
Title: Independent Consultant
End Date: 1995-12-31

Institution: University of Maryland, College of Business Administration (AFB) Athens - Greece.
Title: Marketing Instructor
End Date: 1981-12-31

Awards | Honors
Organization: The Government of Greece
Year Received: 1997

Institution: Columbia Pacific University
Location: California
Major: Business Administration
Completed: 1992
Degree: Ph D

Institution: Xavier University
Location: Cincinnati, OH
Major: Marketing
Completed: 1978
Degree: MBA

Institution: University of the State of New York
Location: New York
Major: Marketing
Completed: 1977
Degree: Other

Published Contributions
Constantine Polychroniou, Raj Mehta,  The New Global Economy - Social Entrepreneurship:  Sustainable and Profitable solutions to Global Challenges.

Constantine Polychroniou,  (2013). The Impact of Regulatory Asymmetries in a Globalizing Environment. . International Journal of Economics and Business Research, pp. 284-303.

Constantine Polychroniou,  (2012). The Effects of Institutionalization on the Internationalization of Markets:  A Conceptual Model of Inquiry.. Journal of Marketing Development and Competitiveness, 27-47.

Constantine Polychroniou,  (2008). Global Integration:  A Strategic Prespective on the asymmetrices of globalization. AIB Insights.

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Constantine Polychroniou,  (2005). A normative approach for the harmonization of national policies to supranational frameworks with references to Greece and the European Union. . European Planning Studies, 773-791.

Constantine Polychroniou,  (2000). Information Technology Is Making Target Marketing Even More Important.. Business Administration Bulletin, p. 84.

Constantine Polychroniou,  (1996). Grecian Yearn (Time is running out on Greece's chances of qualifying for EMU. These reforms must be implemented immediately).. The International Economy, pg. 48.

Constantine Polychroniou,  (1995). Strategy, decision - making and the organization:  A prescription of survival & growth for the Greek organization.. Business Administration Bulletin, p. 34.

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Constantine Polychroniou,  (1995). The Future of the Banking Industry and the Greek Bank.. Business Administration Bulletin, p. 76.

Constantine Polychroniou,  (1994). Implications of the White Paper upon the Greek industry. . Productivity Review, p. 30.

Constantine Polychroniou,  (1991). U.S. and E.E.C.:  A Sociopolitical Alliance and an Economic Competition. International Review of Modern Sociology , p. 123-128.

Constantine Polychroniou,  (1990). Global Capitalism:  A Prespective of Convergence.. Forum for Social Economics, P. 239-251.

Accepted Contributions
Constantine Polychroniou,  (Accepted). Transculturalism and its effects on the internationalisation of markets: A conceptual framework. Journal of Cultural Marketing Strategy - Henry Stewart Publications.

Research in progress
Description: Theorizing on the conceptual legitimacy of a third culture as a result of the increasing interaction between individualism and collectivism, and, how this "third" culture might impact the development or evolution of
international markets.
Status: Writing Results
Research Type: Scholarly