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We take the power of Consumer Psychology, Behavioral Economics, and Diagnostic Analytics to understand customer decision making and purchasing behavior.

Research Faculty

Headshot of Rashmi Adaval, PhD

Rashmi Adaval, PhD

Professor Adaval’s research is in the areas of imagery and visual perception, feelings and emotions, numerical cognition, and conscious and nonconscious processes in consumer information processing and decision making.

Headshot of Joshua Clarkson, PhD

Joshua Clarkson, PhD

Professor Clarkson’s areas of expertise include attitudes and persuasion, and motivation and self-control. He holds PhD degrees in both Marketing and Psychology.

Headshot of Frank Kardes, PhD

Frank Kardes, PhD

One of the field’s most published researchers, Professor Kardes studies consumer persuasion, judgment, inference, and decision making

Headshot of James Kellaris, PhD

James Kellaris, PhD

Professor Kellaris is widely known for his research on the influence of music on consumers; he developed the “earworm” phenomenon. He examines ethical decision making, including cultural influences on ethical judgment and biases.

Headshot of Karen Machleit, PhD

Karen Machleit, PhD

Professor Machleit is best known for her research in retail atmospherics, including online atmospherics and crowding in the retail store. She has expertise in psychometrics and measurement.

Headshot of Susan Mantel, PhD

Susan Mantel, PhD

Human decision making in areas such as consumer behavior, sales, and business to business settings is the focus of Professor Mantel’s research.

Headshot of Ryan Rahinel, PhD

Ryan Rahinel, PhD

Professor Rahinel studies brands, the physical environment, and their intersection.

Headshot of Noah Van Bergen, PhD

Noah Van Bergen, PhD

Professor Van Bergen’s research fits into two areas: how implicitly held beliefs influence consumer behavior' and how different display formats and numerical processing influence product perceptions.

Headshot of Robert Wyer, PhD

Robert Wyer, PhD

One of the most published consumer psychologists in the world, Professor Wyer’s research spans a wide variety of topics such as consumer information processing, judgment and decision making, and attitudes/persuasion.

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