Michelle Johns

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Michelle Johns

Assistant Professor - Educator, Academic Director for International Programs, Department of Management

3316 Carl H. Lindner Hall


Institution: University of Cincinnati
Title: Assistant Professor - Educator

Institution: Miami University
Title: Visiting Assistant Professor
End Date: 2019-06-30

Institution: Miami University
Title: Instructor
End Date: 2015-07-31

Institution: University of Wollongong
Title: Research Assistant
End Date: 2015-07-31

Institution: University of Wollongong
Title: Instructor
End Date: 2013-01-31

Institution: CICtourGUNE, Cooperative Research Center in Tourism
Title: Researcher and Program Coordinator, European and International Projects
End Date: 2010-11-30

Institution: Texas A&M University, College Station
Title: Assistant Program Coordinator, Reciprocal Education Exchange Program
End Date: 2008-08-31

Institution: Hernandez Engineering
Title: Public Relations Specialist & Proposal Production Lead
End Date: 2007-01-31

Awards | Honors
Organization: University of Wollongong
Name: International Postgraduate Tuition Research Award
Year Received: 2011

Institution: University of Wollongong
Location: Australia
Major: Management/Organizational Behavior
Completed: 2015
Degree: PhD

Institution: University of the Basque Country/Universidad del País Vasco
Location: Spain
Major: Economic Integration
Completed: 2010
Degree: MS

Institution: Texas A&M University
Location: College Station, Texas, U.S.A.
Major: Recreation, Park and Tourism Sciences
Completed: 2008
Degree: MS

Institution: Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi
Location: Corpus Christi, Texas, U.S.A.
Major: Communications and Media Studies
Completed: 2004
Degree: BA

Published Contributions
Gretzel Ulrike, Michelle Johns, (2018). Destination Resilience and Smart Tourism Destination. Tourism Review International, 263-276.

Michelle Johns, Gretzel Ulrike, (2014). Tourism Crisis and Disaster Management in the Asia-Pacific: Conceptualising Organisational Resilience in Tourism Disaster and Crisis Management. 

Shao J, Michelle Johns, Gretzel Ulrike, (2012). Media‑Induced Voluntourism in Yunnan, China. Tourism Review International, 277-292.