Michael Wagner

Headshot of Michael Wagner, PhD

Michael Wagner, PhD

Assistant Professor, Annual Adjunct and Director, Master of Arts in Human Resources Program, Department of Management

3434 Carl H. Lindner Hall


Director, Manage MAHR Program 
‑Increased enrollment year-over-year with 27 applicants to MAHR program for Fall 2019
-Updated curriculum with new classes
Dates: 2018-08-31

Awards | Honors
Organization: Lindner College of Business
Name: Dean's List of Teaching
Year Received: 2018

Institution: Columbia University
Location: New York
Major: Psychology
Completed: 2016
Degree: Ph D

Institution: Columbia University
Location: New York
Completed: 2009
Degree: MA

Research in Progress
Title: Challenges and Opportunities for Strategic Human Resources Management in Developing Countries
Description: In this paper for Future University of Egypt's First Annual Conference, we outline some of the key elements of strategic human resources management as they are enacted in many global organizations, including an exploration of how such practices can be adopted by organizations in developing countries.
Status: On-Going
Research Type: Scholarly