Finance Student Competitions

Chartered Financial Analyst Research Challenge

The CFA Research Challenge is an international competition with over 800 participating universities. A team of students generates an analyst report in a competition with regional universities with the winner advancing to the national and global competition. Lindner MS Finance students have advanced to the regional finals twice, and to the national competition in Toronto in 2013.

Institutional Investor All-America Student Analyst Competition

Students use a cloud-based, simulated trading platform to design and manage a portfolio based on a universe of pre-approved U.S securities. Students have the opportunity to back-up their recommendations with written materials that become part of their personal investing track record. The performance of their portfolios is evaluated at the end of the competition based on purely quantitative metrics, including standard deviation of returns, alpha generation, and statistical analysis of their balance sheet decisions


This is a case study competition centered on a fictitious business scenario. Teams will act as if they are an investment banking firm and make a pitch to a panel of judges who will determine which firm should be hired.