Colin Campbell

Headshot of Colin Campbell, PhD

Colin Campbell, PhD

Associate Professor, Department of Finance, Real Estate, and Insurance and Risk Management

2346 Carl H. Lindner Hall


Colin is an Associate Professor in the Finance Department at the Carl H. Lindner College of Business.

Teaching Interest

Corporate Finance

Research Interest

Corporate Governance, Executive Compensation, Behavioral Finance, Rational Explanations of Asset Pricing Anomalies


Institution: Texas A&M University

Major: Finance

Completed: 2010

Degree: Ph D

Institution: Arizona State University

Major: Economics

Completed: 2004

Degree: MS

Institution: James Madison University

Major: Finance

Completed: 2003

Degree: BBA

Published Contributions

Timothy Campbell, Doina Chichernea, Alex Petkevich,  (2016). Dissecting the Bond Profitability Premium. Journal of Financial Markets, 102-131.

Thomas Boulton, Timothy Campbell,  (2016). Managerial Confidence and Initial Public Offerings. Journal of Corporate Finance, 375-392.

Timothy Campbell, Neal Galpin, Shane Johnson,  (2016). Optimal Inside Debt Compensation and the Value of Equity and Debt. Journal of Financial Economics, 336-352.

Kelly Brunarski, Timothy Campbell, Yvette Harman,  (2015). Evidence on the Outcome of Say-On-Pay Votes:  How Managers, Directors, and Shareholders Respond. Journal of Corporate Finance, 132-149.

Timothy Campbell, Mary Elizabeth Thompson,  (2015). Why are CEOs Paid For Good Luck? An Empirical Comparison of Explanation. Journal of Corporate Finance, 247-264.

Timothy Campbell,  (2014). CEO Optimism and the Board's Choice of Successor. Journal of Corporate Finance, 495-510.

Joanna Campbell, Timothy Campbell, David Sirmon, Len Bierman, Chris Tuggle,  (2012). Shareholder Influence over Director Nomination via Proxy Access:  Implications for Agency Conflict and Stakeholder Value. Strategic Management Journal.

Timothy Campbell, Mike Gallmeyer, Shane Johnson, Jessica Rutherford, Brooke Stanley,  (2011). CEO Optimism and Forced Turnover. Journal of Financial Economics, 695-712.


Title: Betting Against Beta under Incomplete Information

Location: Milan, Italy

Year: 2018

Title: Betting Against Beta under Incomplete Information

Location: Paris, France

Year: 2018

Title: Betting Against Beta under Incomplete Information

Location: Budapest, Hungary

Year: 2018

Title: External Monitoring By Long Term Investors and Executive Compensation

Organization: US Securities and Exchange Commission

Location: Washington, D.C.

Year: 2018

Title: Conservatism and Career Choices:  Evidence from CEOs' Political Leaning

Organization: American Economic Association

Year: 2017

Title: Do Directors Suffer External Consequences for Poor Oversight of Executive Compensation? Evidence from Say-on-Pay Votes

Organization: Financial Management Association

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Year: 2016

Title: Betting Against Beta under Incomplete Information

Organization: Southern Finance Association

Year: 2016