Kautz-Uible Scholarships

Overhead group photo of Economics award winners

The Kautz-UibleĀ Economics Institute offers scholarships and prizes to undergraduate and graduate students. Since 1983, the Kautz-Uible Economics Institute has awarded fellowships and book prizes to students studying Economics and Business Economics. For the 2018-19 academic year, the Kautz-Uible Economics Institute awarded more than $80,000 in total funds to students.

Undergraduate Awards

Awardees are selected based on a holistic evaluation, which includes strong academic credentials, a demonstration of an ongoing connection to the Economics Society, and a demonstrated interest in, aptitude for, and passion for economics. Review additional Economics scholarship information here.

Kautz-Uible Undergraduate Fellowships are awarded to sophomore, junior, and senior undergraduate students majoring in Economics or Business Economics.

Caroline Kautz Book Prizes are awarded to freshmen and sophomore undergraduate students.

Kautz-Uible Women in Economics Scholarships are awarded to four female sophomore undergraduate students majoring in Economics or Business Economics.

Kautz-Uible Prizes are awarded to students majoring in Economics or Business Economics.

Graduate Awards

Kautz-Uible Graduate Fellowships are offered to two incoming graduate students based their academic records. Each awardee receives $5,000.

Kautz Scholar Awards were first offered by the Institute in the 2015-16 academic year, and two awardees are recognized each academic year. Each awardee receives $9,000 and works on applied economics research projects under the supervision of an economics faculty member. No separate applications are required for these scholarships, and recipients are chosen from the pool of MA applicants based on their academic credentials and follow-up interviews.

Kautz Graduate Scholars, 2018-2019

Yianni Kanellopoulos
Iain Kirsch

Undergraduate Fellowships, initially known as Hewett-Kautz Fellowships, started in 1983. Please see below for a list of fellowship winners since 2013.

Kautz-Uible Undergraduate Fellows, 2018-2019

Kautz-Uible Fellowship

Molly Bonino
Jackson Burton
Noah Katz
Joseph Niehaus
Emily Smagola
Alexander Stringfellow
Gabrielle Swonger

Kautz-Uible Sean Sullivan Fellowship

Peter Bandrowsky

Kautz-Uible Women in Economics Fellows, 2018-2019

Kautz-Uible Amanda Wait Fellowship

Abigail Klare
Claire Koontz
Jinal Patel
Sarah Rea

Kautz-Uible Nandita Jena Fellowship

Trang Manh

Kautz-Uible M.P. Gupta Fellowship

Sara Dwivedi

Previous awardees


Megan Heare
Philippe Oniate


Aziza Banerjee
Marcus Richards


Shobana Balasubramanium
Ipshita Rana


Kathryn Johnson
Claire Koontz
Jinal Patel


Amy Crooks
Svetlana Galvez
Cassandra Gibbs
Iain Kirsch
Gabrielle Swonger
Duy Tran
Mohit Vaid
Matthew Vorndran


Maryam Adewumi
Ha Dinh
Lucas Golden
Brandon Livengood
An Nguyen
Brady Ramsaur
Ashwita Saxena
Duy Tran


Maryam Adewumi
Aziza Banerjee
Tyler Dugan
Daniel Wilches Giraldo
Brent Goldschmidt
Zachary Morris
Kevin Thompson
Duy Tran


Robert Apple
Chloe Bierman
Robert Blue
Dinushki De Livera
Yakubu Mahdi
Zachary Morris
Tyler Newsock
Samuel Schwab


Sally Amkoa
Dinushki De Livera
Erica Goubeaux
Shelby Jones
Nathan Sisodia