Economics Degree Options

Economics is a fascinating subject, poised at the intersection between business and social science, and with great relevance for a wide range of public policy issues.

The Department of Economics at Lindner is an exceptional place to learn at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. The Economics department offers four degrees: Bachelor of Arts in Economics, Bachelor of Business Administration in Business Economics, Master of Science in Applied Economics, and a PhD in Business with a concentration in Economics.

Learn more about a career in economics (video produced by the American Economics Association).

Undergraduate programs


The BA in Economics blends a curriculum comprised of liberal arts and economics courses. This mix serves students seeking a solid base of arts and sciences with extensive economics coursework. Many Economics majors choose to double-major in disciplines such as mathematics, political science, or international affairs.

Business Economics

The BBA in Business Economics integrates liberal arts, business, and economics coursework. This degree builds a strong business foundation, as students examine business functions and their interactions with economics. Many Business Economics majors complement their degree with a double major or a minor in another business discipline such as finance, accounting, marketing, or international business. Most students can double major without spending any additional time at UC!

Economics minors

Students may also minor in Economics, adding a second area of expertise to their chosen majors.

Co-op and internship opportunities

The ability to co-op or intern in an economics-related field is a key element of our program. Through these opportunities students acquire real-world knowledge of their discipline, further preparing them for their careers. Both Economics and Business Economics majors are eligible for these positions.

For more information about undergraduate Economics programs, please contact Director of Undergraduate Studies, Erwin F. Erhardt.

Graduate programs

Master of Science in Applied Economics

The Master of Science in Applied Economics at the Lindner College of Business has been ranked one of the top ten Applied Economics programs in the United States. A key reason for this is the program's history of stellar job placement.

Over the past five years, more than half of our Master of Science in Applied Economics students accepted a full-time position before graduation. Our graduates earn an average starting salary in excess of $68,000 and are hired by many of the country's most respected companies, including, J.P. Morgan Chase, Nielsen, and Procter & Gamble.

PhD in Economics

The PhD program in Economics is part of the PhD program in Business Administration at the Lindner College of Business. New student cohorts are added every other year. The admitted class sizes are small, allowing for close contact with economics faculty, and also with students and faculty in other business programs. The program offers a thorough grounding in the basic tools of economics, statistics, and mathematics through a series of core courses, followed by a series of well-defined seminars that cover areas of specialization within economics.

In addition to gaining basic analytical tools, candidates learn to develop economic intuition into economic problems and acquire the necessary mindset to teach and conduct independent research as a university professor.