Elliott Lieb

Headshot of Elliott Lieb, CFE

Elliott Lieb, CFE

Adjunct Instructor, Department of Accounting

106 Carl H. Lindner Hall


Elliott grew up in Las Vegas, NV. Upon completion of U.N.L.V. and his military service in U.S Army and U.S. Air Force Reserves he joined U.S. Treasury Dept. as a field and senior supervisory level criminal investigator at many posts throughout the country. During his career until is retirement in 1995, he investigated individuals and organizations that derived illegal income from organized crime, narcotics, and other illegal activities. After his retirement from law enforcement, he started Lieb Consulting, a private investigation and investigative consulting firm. Elliott is a well traveled lecturer throughout the U.S. and Caribbean on behalf of federal, state, and local law enforcement, legal organizations, and the U.S. Military on matters relating to financial crime and International Money Laundering. Elliott is an avid Harley Davidson enthusiast, a former professional soccer referee, and recent inductee into the Las Vegas Rock Musicians Hall of Fame. His wife, Nadine is a retired travel agent; daughter, Anne, is a corporate compliance training and policy consultant and son, Jeremy, is an Executive and Corporate Chef. Grandchildren Hannah and Noah are future Bearcats.

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Teaching Interest

Forensic Accounting

Financial Investigative Techniques

Domestic/International Money Laundering

Tax Fraud


Institution: Lieb Consulting

Title: Owner

Institution: U.S. Treasury Department (IRS - Criminal Investigation)

Title: Criminal Investigator

End Date: 1995-08-31


Institution: University of Nevada

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Major: Accounting

Completed: 1968

Degree: BS