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Empowering Female Business Problem Solvers

A business degree is a pathway to making your impact on our world. Whether the idea of advising clients during a busy tax season excites you, or directing creative for a marketing firm, leading a non-profit, or experimenting with new frontiers of financial technology like cryptocurrency, business can get you there.

Lindner offers a distinctive combination of academic and hands-on experiences that will fuel your growth. Through your coursework, you’ll develop the foundation of knowledge and technical skills to succeed in business. Then, you’ll have the opportunities to apply what you’ve learned and develop meaningful connections that will not only set you apart in the job market, but help you create your future.

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Hear from students and recent alumni

Kellie Hannan, BBA ‘25

Major: Business Economics

Why UC?

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UC presented a fantastic opportunity to get invaluable exposure to business with competitive academics and early opportunities to co-op at respected firms (like summer after my first year!). Business students are very involved, communicate well, and build fantastic networks and that is what I wanted to surround myself with as an undergraduate.

UC is also incredibly affordable and flexible. It has given me the opportunity to see different cities across the US and internationally through co-op and study abroad options, all while being able to invest and save for my future.

I have worked at the finance firm Bahl & Gaynor and the US District Courthouse, both of which are located in downtown Cincinnati. I have plans to study abroad for a year at the London School of Economics in their social policy department and, after that, intern in DC. My undergraduate story really fell neatly into place when I realized business economics would be the best-suited major for my interests. It gives me a foundation sought after by multiple fields while also giving me technical skills and relevance into the conversation of the future of big data. I also have had the chance to publish research — up to four publications now! — thanks to Lindner’s support. 

My best advice is to focus on growth. We are very early in our lives and it feels like this is the time to figure everything out, but you have an entire lifetime to learn and grow.

Holly Giese, BBA ‘23

Major: Marketing, Psychology, with Business Law Certificate

How did you select your major?

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Starting in high school, I was very drawn to and felt a real passion for the connection between marketing and psychology. I love the people-aspect of marketing and how I can more deeply understand people through psychology. The business law certificate will be beneficial for any career path as well as my personal knowledge.

I knew I wanted to study business after being in DECA in high school. DECA is an association of marketing students that competes internationally through marketing tests and role-play events. I absolutely loved it. After I won state my junior year, I knew that I was also good at it, so I thought marketing would be a good fit for me.

I took the Women in Sales course at Lindner. I think everyone should take this class to help break boundaries. I learned a lot about what sets women apart in this field. 

I would tell women to not be afraid to speak up and take up space. I even catch myself not wanting to share an idea because I'm afraid, but most likely something good will come from it. Our opinions and perspectives are deeply important to the field. It's the little changes that will make a big difference and it starts with speaking up and entering rooms with confidence.

Annika Braaten, BBA ‘23

Major: Economics

Why study business?

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I decided upon business because I wanted a career where I was working with people, giving presentations and talking. I enjoyed mathematics and technical work but wanted to maintain the social element, and business has allowed me to do both.

I am studying economics specifically, which allows me to have a general understanding of the business world. I choose this degree because I enjoyed my economics class in high school, and enjoy learning how business interacts with the world.

My advice would be to put yourself out there and meet people. I have been impressed with the support of other women in the business world. Even someone high up in the corporate world is willing to meet with you and give you advice. There are endless applications to a business degree and you can only determine what is best for you by talking to people in different fields. Learn how to communicate, interview and manage others. If you can be a leader in your field you will see a lot of success. A business degree thoroughly prepares students like me for networking and interviews. If you are able to master these, you will stand out.

Ana Lucia Gehner, BBA ‘25

Major: Finance

Advice for future students

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There are so many jobs and so much support waiting for women in business, especially in finance! Go for it! Women have unique skills that allow them to add special value to a plethora of roles in the business world. There are so many opportunities out there; your dreams shouldn't be confined to traditional paths. Start a business! Reinvent the way things are done! The world is your oyster! Learn as much as you can from every class and experience you have and don't be afraid to try new things along the way. Always be curious, ask a million questions, and keep an open mind. People will be looking to help and support you — take advantage of it!

Finance is a field that combines my analytical brain and passion for working with people in a challenging, high-growth career. I was involved in business clubs in middle and high school and saw firsthand how big of an impact business and the individuals that comprise them have on the world. The more classes I took and experiences I had in the business world, the more I realized that there are more opportunities as a business student than anything else for me. I have flexibility to be creative, work on teams and mix-and-match my skills to do something I really love. It has been surprising how few women take advantage of being a business student and how high a demand there is for female business grads who are passionate about what they are studying.

Noura Ata, BBA ‘24

Major: Marketing, Information Systems

How did you select your major?

Lindner College of Business (LCOB) students pose for undergraduate marketing materials.

I have always had a passion for exploring creativity from a business standpoint, which led me to my marketing major. In terms of my information systems major, I see the way the world is moving and have realized how much technology has continued to grow and the importance of having that technical background is. By having both majors, I am able to cater to both that creative and analytical skillset.

Since I was a kid, I have always been interested in learning about how businesses work. I constantly admired the drive of entrepreneurs as they ran their business and shared their journey on how they did just that. At first, I thought that I was interested in what these businesses did, but then I slowly began to realize that I was more interested in how they did it. My interest in the process behind what it takes to run a business led me to ultimately wanting to dive deeper and study it.

Build your connections everywhere you go and always use your voice, regardless of who is in the room. Demand that your voice be heard when you feel like it may not be, because, whether you may or may not see it, you could be inspiring the person next to you to do the same. Build that standard for what you want to see done around you. There is a lack of women in the business world, but be that voice to inspire others to join you in it.

Cassidy Hook, BBA '24

Major: Marketing, Information Systems
Minor: Spanish

Advice for future students

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I would say the best way to approach the aspect of having respect from others would be to use your personality, but be cognizant of your audience and adapt to the room you're in.  Being in business is a very powerful position to be in when it comes to your learning. When studying the different areas of business, be sure to remember the importance of each, because you will be able to speak the "different languages" and communicate effectively in a real business setting. Even if you are not considering business as your focus, be sure to network with the business students. One day, that business student may start a company and need you to be the head of research or the top advisor on a project in your field.  

I've been interested in marketing since I came to UC and had my first intro class. I've always enjoyed the psychology behind consumer behavior, as well as the design aspects of advertising. I added information systems to be a more balanced student and often say that marketing is my soft skill, and information systems is my hard skill. The Spanish minor is something for me because I have taken the language my whole life and hope to study abroad in Spain.

I did not begin my college search process knowing I was interested in business. I've never had one specific thing in my life that I knew I wanted to study. Luckily, I was introduced to the endless opportunities of business when I was invited to interview with Lindner Business Honors at UC. As soon as my freshman year kicked off, I learned at an exponential rate, from business terms to about top companies, and knew I had made the right choice.

Maura Horton, BBA ‘23

Major: Marketing

Why UC?

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There have been so many resources in Lindner and outside of the school that have made me feel empowered. I have gained a great support network of professors, instructors, peers and other students that have allowed me to feel confident in what I do. It's been a great surprise throughout my time at UC.

With business, you can mix your passions with your work. For example, I work at a major consumer packaged goods company where I deal with branding in skin and body care, which I am very passionate about. You really can mix business and pleasure no matter what major in business you're looking into.

I major in marketing because I love how it mixes many of my passions all into one study: people, psychology, graphic design, creativity and strategic thinking. I knew I wanted to study business my junior year of high school when I took on a rebranding project in my art class. I realized that I loved to problem solve and work on projects focusing on making something better. Because of this class, it made me more eager to learn about what I could do in the business world.

I would tell prospective students to take at least one business class while in college. There are so many classes that can connect to their current major, whether it’s human resources or biology. You never know if you like something until you try!

Ruby Cimmarusti, BBA ‘22

Major: Marketing

Why study business?

Group photos of Marianne Lewis, Dean of the Lindner College of Business, with some members of the executive cabinet and student leaders.

Everyone needs to know business. Especially as a woman going into the workforce, it’s helpful to establish yourself with a general knowledge of finance, accounting and/or marketing. If you want to be an artist, performer, nurse, engineer, or any type of role, understanding business functions is so beneficial.

I decided on business pretty late in high school. I bounced back and forth from architecture, graphic design and communication. I ended up deciding on business after meeting with some family friends to learn more about their jobs.

I chose marketing because I always enjoyed being creative. I have always appreciated the aesthetics of marketing and advertising, but lacked the technical skills for graphic design. Marketing gives me the ability to be creative and innovative in a strategic sense and allows me to work with creative people and projects.

Don’t be afraid to find your niche! Lindner and UC is flexible with curriculum, double majoring, certificates, etc. The traditional path isn’t as common anymore. You can pursue what you love and still be a business student. 

Rachel Green, BBA ‘22

Major: Business Analytics, Accounting

Advice for future students

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Talk to people who have jobs that seem interesting to you. Ask questions and don't hesitate to reach out. People are more excited to talk to students. Being a student and "seeking opportunities to learn" is a great excuse to get in the door places you wouldn't be able to otherwise. Picture yourself in a work environment. What is it that you value most in your day-to-day? 

I knew I wanted to study business because I knew I was a people person. In high school, my counselors encouraged me to study engineering because I was good at math and interested in STEM, but I didn't think engineering would give me enough opportunities to build relationships. Engineering isn't the only option for women who are interested in STEM. We need women in business, too! 

I came in as an accounting major because I had learned it to be the "language of business." I quickly learned, as technology changes, so does the business world. My business analytics class introduced me to the newest major in the business college, leading me to choose the most technical majors in the because I was confident I could do anything with a business analytics and accounting degree. I'm happy I stuck with it.

Jessica Davis, BBA '22

Major: Accounting, with Business Law & Ethics certificate
Minor: Management

How did you select your major?

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In high school, I wanted to go into business. My high school offered accounting courses that I really enjoyed, but the teacher hinted that she thought I could never go into the accounting field. And I’m really glad I kept going with it and tested that major in college.

I came to UC as undecided in my major and was able to make sure I really enjoyed accounting while dabbling in all the majors before you get into your major courses.

I have always taken an interest in management and leadership, but I wanted the tangible qualities like how to juggle personal differences and conflicts in the workplace. Business law and ethics is a great pairing with accounting and will help me on the CPA exam.

Be fearless in pursuing what you want to do. Never let yourself be the reason you miss out on a connection or opportunity. Always speak up when you want to and never let anyone tell you that you cannot do something.

Victoria Wilhelmy, BBA '22

Major: Finance, Business Spanish certificate

Advice for future students

woman with long hair stands i outside in front of a building wearing graduation cap, black gown, cords and a stole and a medal

You can’t go wrong in business. There is a place for everyone as there is a wide range of fields to go into. There are many opportunities for females, in finance in particular! In finance you can work more with people or more behind the scenes. Lindner’s co-op program helps you figure out what you want.

A Lindner business degree is a strong one to have. Additionally, Lindner’s co-op program makes you competitive as it helps you gain real-world experience and helps you see what you really want.

I gravitated towards business pretty early on, however, just like many high schoolers it was hard to know for sure. What helped me was I shadowed and talked to professionals in various fields and I also took time to educate myself. I learned a lot through looking at potential schools how career paths looked like.

I think by senior year of high school is when I for sure knew I wanted to study business. I loved presenting, loved working with other people, liked numbers and felt that business would allow me to reach my fullest potential. There is a sense of security but also an unlimited potential which was appealing.

I chose finance because I liked numbers as well as working with people. I liked that it required thought and analysis. I also liked that there was a wide variety of opportunities and fields for me to go into with a finance major.