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GPO Team Fall 23

Top, from left: Chuck Sox, associate dean, graduate programs & partnerships; Toni Perkins, assistant director, academic student advising; Julie Glassmeyer, assistant academic director; William Bradley, assistant director, academic student advising; Karen Mueller, assistant director; and Patricia Kerley, program manager. Bottom, from left: Brandy Schroeder, assistant director; Alex Siebert, senior academic advisor; Becky Eubanks, coordinator, special projects/programs; Justin Veigel, director of graduate recruiting and student success; and Jeffrey Franke, assistant dean.

Carl H. Lindner Hall
2906 Woodside Drive
PO Box 210211
Cincinnati, OH 45221-0211
Phone: 513-556-7020
Fax: 513-558-7006

Headshot of Jeffrey Franke

Jeffrey Franke

Assistant Dean, Graduate Programs

1318 Carl H. Lindner Hall

Headshot of Justin Veigel

Justin Veigel

Director of Graduate Recruiting and Student Success

1341 Carl H. Lindner Hall