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Leadership Inventory

The Warren Bennis Leadership Initiative team has created an inventory to collect co-curricular and extracurricular leadership development programming at the University of Cincinnati.

  • Co-curricular activities are those activities that are outside of but can complement the curriculum for a major or program.
  • Extracurricular activities are those school-based activities not tied to a major or program.

Part of the mission of the Warren Bennis Leadership Initiative is to centralize these opportunities and make them more visible and accessible for the UC community. We invite faculty, staff, students, alumni and partners of the initiative to contribute programming to this inventory.

Examples of these programs could include, but are not limited to:

  • Clubs and professional organizations
  • Workshops, conferences or other types of training
  • Programs designed to develop leadership within a specific discipline (e.g., developing soft skills for engineering majors)
  • Experiences designed to build leadership capabilities and confidence (e.g., ropes course, outdoor adventures)

'Bennis Stories' Audio Series

Warren Bennis Leadership Initiative Coordinator Jack FitzGerald interviewed leaders who knew Bennis or were influenced by his work for the audio series “Bennis Stories.”

  • Episode 1: Daniel Goleman, PhD, a psychologist known around the globe for his best-selling book, “Emotional Intelligence.” Goleman also wrote “Transparency: How Leaders Create a Culture of Candor” with Bennis.
  • Episode 2: Tyrone K. Yates, a Hamilton County (Ohio) Municipal Court Judge who was a former UC student body president, Cincinnati Vice-Mayor and Cincinnati City Council member.
  • Episode 3: Joan Linhardt Plunkett, MD, who worked as the Bennis family’s live-in nanny and in Bennis’ presidential office.
  • Episode 4: Neal Novak, a lawyer employed by Bennis during his undergraduate days at UC. Novak was also Bennis’ driver.
  • Episode 5: Bill Mulvihill, an early supporter of the Bennis legacy-building efforts and a friend of the Bennis family who helped coordinated UC’s conversion to a state university Bennis presidency.

Bennis Leadership Accelerator

Beginning in the fall 2022 semester, UC will launch the Bennis Leadership Accelerator. This interdisciplinary honors seminar serves the entire campus, and can be registered via ORGL3009 or MGMT3009. The three-credit seminar is co-taught by Lindner Dean Marianne Lewis, PhD, and WBLI Thornburgh Academic Director Donna Chrobot-Mason, PhD.

The course is open to all University Honors Program and Lindner Business Honors that are at or above a sophomore level, has no pre-requisites and fulfills the GenEd requirement for Society, Culture, and Ethics (SCE BoK code).

UC Leadership Curricular Programs

For more information on leadership-focused courses, certificates or degrees at the University of Cincinnati, visit UC's eCurriculum page.

Support the Warren Bennis Leadership Initiative

Honor a legacy of leadership and help develop the leaders of tomorrow by contributing to The Warren Bennis Leadership Institute Fund.