Executive Education

The Warren Bennis Leadership Institute offers programming for our community partners.

Inclusive Leadership Program

The Inclusive Leadership Program in Partnership with Mayerson Academy for Nonprofit Organizations will include seven cohort meetings, each three hours in length with half held virtually and half in-person. The program is limited to 30 participants.

Inclusive Leadership Program objectives:

  • Introduce a three-step framework of inclusive leader behaviors (Chrobot-Mason & Roberson, 2022).  
  • Foster a change in mindset to more effectively practice inclusive leadership.
  • Identify strengths and developmental needs in practicing inclusive leadership through feedback and assessment tools.
  • Develop inclusive leadership skills through practice and feedback provided in a safe learning environment. 
  • Clarify individual and organizational goals to foster inclusion.

Igniting Innovation Program

In partnership with Fifth Third Bank and the 1819 Innovation Hub, the Warren Bennis Leadership Institute offers the program once a year and includes a variety of organizations. A second cohort will begin Fall 2022 and end March 2023. This open-enrollment program will be geared toward IT professionals and limited to 32 participants.   

Content includes the following: 

  • 360 Assessment – uncovering your leadership style 
  • Managing differences
  • Developing relational skills (conflict, feedback, etc.) 
  • Leveraging your network for innovation 
  • Boundary spanning leadership 

UC Clinical Service Preceptors Leadership Training

This program is a one-day, in-person course held between 8 a.m.-3:30 p.m. for 20-40 participants. A general overview of the course: 

  • Defining leadership and identifying your leadership style  
  • Clarifying your personal leadership vision 
  • Identifying your conflict style 
  • Practicing active listening and asking powerful questions 
  • Giving and receiving actionable feedback 
  • Developing inclusive leadership for team effectiveness 
  • Creating a leadership action plan  

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