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The Warren Bennis Leadership Experience is an annual event designed to develop students into leaders through the teachings and principles of Warren G. Bennis, leadership author, expert and the 22nd president of the University of Cincinnati (1971-77). 

This event brings nationally recognized leaders and experts in management to campus to discuss leadership principles applied to educational and professional settings to inspire an authentic leadership movement in Cincinnati.  

Four male students stand in front of a sign.

From left to right, student organizers of the 2021 Warren Bennis Leadership Experience: Lou Langen (BUS ‘23); Alex Mason (A&S ‘23); Tyler Durr (BUS ‘22); and Nick Albers (BUS ‘22, ‘23).

Past events have featured speakers such as Howard Schultz, former CEO and chairman of Starbucks; Pulitzer Prize-winning and New York Times No. 1 best-selling author Doris Kearns Goodwin; David Gergen, a political analyst for CNN who has worked for four U.S. presidents; and Paul Polman (BUS '79, HON '09), co-founder and chair of IMAGINE and the former CEO of Unilever. Attendees have benefitted from meaningful discussions around how to apply Bennis’ lessons on leadership. 

Since 2016, the WBLE has hosted an annual event planned and led by students, and 13 undergraduate students are now planning the 2022 Experience.

Learn more about past WBLE events and WBLE founder Jack FitzGerald's story from UC Magazine, Centennial Inc., the Cincinnati Business Courier and TEDxUCincinnati.

Three men and a woman speak on a panel.
Two women and a man speak on a panel.

Want to get involved in the 2022 WBLE?

Join the leadership movement on UC's campus by participating in the student-led Warren Bennis Leadership Experience. Be at the forefront of an inspiring, encouraging team equipping a generation of leaders. Contact student president Nick Albers for more information.