Insurance and Risk Management Events

The Center for Insurance and Risk Management, in cooperation with various insurance industry companies, sponsors several different events throughout the year. These events are intended to give students an opportunity to learn more about the industry and careers, and to meet and network with industry executives.

Risky Talks

Launching in the 2022-23 academic year, Risky Talks is designed to spark student interest in risk management and is open to all Lindner students. The center welcomes speakers from leading firms to discuss relevant issues in the field of risk management.

RiskVersity event at Nippert Stadium

The Center for Insurance and Risk Management, along with the Lindner Office of Inclusive Excellence, UC Alumni Association, Gamma Iota Sigma, and National Insurance Career Awareness Month, were pleased to host RiskVersity CEO Christopher Holmes, BS '06, and RiskVersity President Laurence Jones, BBA '00, of RiskVersity on campus. More than one hundred students, staff, and alumni, gathered at Nippert Stadium to hear the inspirational stories of Holmes and Jones regarding their path to creating their own companies.

RiskVersity, a Legacy Investment Funds Company, is "focused on changing the insurance industry by creating ownership and executive level career options for minorities through recruitment and development and support top tier clients in the middle market arena." Legacy Investment Funds was created as an alternative investment management company, with a focus on real estate investments and transactional lending.

Meet the Firm events

Meet the Firm events consist of a handful of professionals from a single firm discussing their specific roles with that firm. The first goal of these events is to expose students to variety of careers in insurance and risk management; by being able to speak with professionals in different roles, students are better able to decide which roles might suit them best. The second goal is to let students explore the way firms in the industry differentiate themselves in the marketplace, both as service providers and as employers. The mission and the structure of the featured firms are also discussed. To allow students to learn about various internship and co-op opportunities, entry-level full-time positions, special educational and/or certification requirements, and the potential for advancement within the firm, professionals representing both the HR function as well as specific functional roles in the firm are featured; these professionals provide details on the day-to-day activities as well as long-range initiatives and challenges facing the firm.

Professional Career Panel series

The goal of the Professional Career Panel series is to educate students about the rich variety of satisfying and rewarding careers in insurance and risk management.  By allowing students to have candid conversations with industry professionals about the day-to-day and long-range opportunities and challenges they face in their careers, students are better able to understand the critical importance of risk management, insurance, and financial services to businesses and in one’s family and personal life, and examine whether a career in insurance, risk management, or financial services is a good fit with their skills and goals. To highlight the variety of roles and differences across firms, panels consist of three or four professionals from different firms, in different roles, at different points in their career.