Here's what our members say about us.

"When you work with Flottman Company you become part of our family, your passion for success becomes ours. Similarly, when you join the Goering Center, you become part of an even bigger family where you receive exponentially more than you could ever hope to give."
- Tom Flottman, CEO, the Flottman Company

"Through the Road Map Institute we have improved our communications with each other and the operations for the business. We changed the roles of family members and the business is doing better than ever."
- Mary Miller, CEO, Jancoa

"The Goering Center has been invaluable to us. You don't necessarily need to take classes there to get something out of it. I recommend the Goering Center to other businesses. It brings me closer to the person I'm talking with and we have a more honest conversation."
- Marvin Cunningham, Long-Stanton Manufacturing Company, Inc.

"If not for the Goering Center, we would be smaller. I would not have appreciated the importance of family businesses in the community. Before the Goering Center, I never thought about it. We just did what we were doing every day. Now I have a whole different appreciation for people that have a family business."
- Rex Wetherill, Hydrotech

Video testimonials

Joani Bonaminio

Joani Bonaminio of Jungle Jim's International Market shares how the Goering Center's Leadership Development Institute benefited her.

David Glier

David Glier of Glier's Meats discusses the Goering Center's Next Generation Institute.

Rich Graeter

Rich Graeter of Graeter's Ice Cream accepts an award at the Goering Center Family and Private Business Awards.


Members of the LaRosa family provide a testimonial for the Next Generation Institute.

Mary Miller

The Jancoa CEO describes her experience as part of a Goering Center Roundtable and shares how the Center's Road Map Institute helped her family business.