Scrappy Culture for Growing Businesses

Imagine working each day in an environment that inspires you to be your best self. The good news is it's possible to create a workjplace like that. It all starts with scrappy leaders who've got the guts to grow.

Culture and Business Growth

Culture is the most critical component to business success, but it’s hard for growing businesses to provide the leadership and resources needed to intentionally shape it. Cultures do develop on their own, but if left alone, may produce unintended and undesirable outcomes.

Scrappy Culture for Growing Businesses is built for resource-constrained companies who value the impact a great culture delivers. Companies can take a simple assessment (below) to help them prioritize their focus areas, and incorporate culture-building elements over time.

Scrappy Culture for Growing Businesses kicks off 4/25/2023

Who Should Participate

Business owners and their leaders. We recommend attending as a leadership/management team.

Program Format

Scrappy Culture for Growing Businesses is made up of 6 in-person sessions, held from 8 a.m. - noon, every 4 weeks at the Goering Center. 

You can enroll in the full six-session series for the most favorable pricing, or bundle required Session 1 – Values & Purpose - with your choice of a second session to get you started on your journey. After that, add sessions as you have capacity to take on more.

Click on the Assessment button and/or review the session descriptions below to identify which sessions may be best suited for your organization.

  1. Values & Purpose: 
    Most leaders know that the foundation of organizational success begins with clarifying their purpose and values. Unfortunately, after investing countless hours refining them, most organizations hang them on the wall and forget they exist. In this session, you'll learn simple ways to “brand” your values & purpose, to ensure they’re authentic, and to identify the many opportunities you have to consistently leverage them in everyday business, meetings, and decision-making.

  2. Hiring & Onboarding: 
    There is NO more effective way of building a healthy organizational culture than by getting the right people in the door in the first place. A good hire, somebody who not only has the skills to perform in their role, but also fits your culture, will make a positive impact beyond themselves, into their team, and throughout the whole organization. This session will guide you to find the BEST people that fit your organization now and into the future…AND ensure their first few months on the team set everyone up for long-term success.

  3. Employee Engagement: 
    While ping-pong tables and gourmet coffee MIGHT encourage your team to enjoy their job, getting them truly engaged isn't that easy. This session will cut through all the trendy ideas that promise to engage your team and help you define the core necessities of an engaged and inspired workforce that works for you. With consistent effort, you'll discover ways to develop, assess, and track the most critical elements needed to create a work environment where people love to work AND achieve great results.

  4. Employee Development & Performance: 
    People enjoy making progress, and they find meaning when there is purpose to the steps on their journey. Helping your employees discover their core motivation, leverage their unique abilities, and design clear steps to be successful will pay dividends in the future. This session will give you the right tools to ensure each employee finds value and long-term purpose in their work.

  5. Rewards & Recognition: 
    Believe it or not, your people are motivated by more than just money. In fact, creating specific ways to drive your core values throughout the company by recognizing the right employee behavior is immensely more effective than handing out cash. This session will empower you to discover simple but powerful ways you can encourage employees to live out your values WHILE inspiring them to work harder and deepen their loyalty to your organization.

  6. Customer Experience & Engagement: 
    Culture isn't just an internal factor. It impacts every customer or client interaction your team will have. When you've lined up all the previous elements of a Scrappy Culture, the RIGHT customers will start lining up to do business with you. This session will help you connect your internal culture to the external customer and give them an experience that will bring them back time and again.

Dates and Times

Starts April 25, 2023 with sessions running every 4 weeks: 4/25, 5/23, 6/20, 7/25, 8/22, 9/19

Note: Session 1 will be offered a second time on 6/27 for those who are unable to attend the kick-off session on 4/25

Session Notes

Session 1 - Values & Purpose - sets the basis for the entire program and is mandatory for all participants. A second date (6/27) is provided for those unable to attend the kick-off session on 4/25.

We recommend coming as a leadership/management team for maximum impact.

2-session bundles are available for purchase to include session 1 and one other. Additional sessions may be added as desired.

Pricing Information

Complete Program Pricing (6 sessions)
Member: Individual participant - $1,499.00
 Individual participant - $2,499.00

Member: Team of Three - $3,999.00
Non-Member: Team of Three - $4,999.00

Two-Session Bundle Pricing (Session 1 + one additional) - Individuals Only
Member: Individual participant - $599.00
Non-Member: Individual participant - $699.00

Additional sessions are individually priced as follows:

Member: $399.00
Non-Member: $499.00

Headshot of Jill Canady

Jill Canady

Organizational Consultant & Culture Training Director, ScrogginsGrear

Jill Candy is a veteran educator, speaker and author who helps people work well together to achieve outstanding business results. She wants to see a world where effective communication stamps out destructive conflict.

Headshot of Keith Wilson

Keith Wilson

Organizational Development Consultant, ScrogginsGrear

Keith helps build healthy, engaging, and productive teams. He is passionate about helping teams discover new ways to leverage their unique strengths, build a positive workplace culture, and collaborative plan for growth.

Questions or concerns? Contact Jim Bax, Program Director, at 513-556-7403 or

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