Firm overview

At UnifiHealth, we believe health insurance isn’t working - it’s overpriced and confusingly unhelpful - so it’s hard to find high quality care that’s affordable. This is why we’re here: to offer small businesses a health plan that provides a personalized experience for employees, at 20% less. 

Products and/or services

UnifiHealth provides a health plan with full medical and prescription coverage for companies with 15-200 employees. With Unifi, employees are able to:

  1. Budget medical expenses before deciding where and when to get care.
  2. Have on demand access to unlimited primary care via phone, text, and video.
  3. Pay less for higher quality care, regardless of “network”.

For small business owners, they can continue working with their benefits broker to implement the new UnifiHealth plan. 

Past/current involvement with the Goering Center

New member 2021

Special offer for Goering Center Core Members

Preferred access to our health plan, launching July 2021.  

Contact information

Primary contact: Brodie Stone
1223 E Main Street
Columbus, OH 43205

Year founded: 2019