Goering Center Roundtables

Rex from Hydrotech (author of quote below)
In one Roundtable meeting, I received advice that saved Hydrotech several million dollars over the past few years. They are a great way to share best practices, bounce ideas off other leaders, receive counsel on tough issues, and network opportunities. The best part is that Roundtables push you out of your comfort zone, and that promotes personal growth.

Rex Wetherill Hydrotech

Restore your balance

When you are leading a family or private business, the pressures and concerns that you shoulder are heavy, and so much is riding on how well you manage that load. Your work life impacts your home life, and your home life impacts your work life, too. All of it affects your health—your physical well being, and the health of your company’s bottom line.

Our Executive Roundtables provide a forum for collaborative peer sharing about strategic and tactical business issues, within the larger context of your personal and family concerns. Consider this your very own board of advisors, whose number-one goal is to help you restore balance.

Who should participate and why?

Goering Center Roundtables are created for business owners and executives who seek balance across their work and family lives. 

Successful candidates are “evergreen”—always growing and open to learning from others. Members also want others to benefit from their personal and professional experiences, and they are willing and able to share their insights. 

What should you expect at a meeting?

Meetings are held monthly, often at a group member’s business. Each Roundtable prioritizes issues to be discussed and develops its own meeting agenda. Some Roundtables are convened to address family business or succession issues. Others focus on challenges affecting every business like growing sales, managing growth, culture building, surfacing and developing top talent, pricing strategies, as well as structuring compensation and benefit packages. 

Peer group profiles

Each Roundtable is made up of 8-12 carefully selected individuals who are led by a professional moderator. 

Each peer group provides and expects:

  • Complete confidentiality and trust
  • No selling - this is a safe havne environment
  • Accessbility and respect for urgency
  • Commitment and empathy
  • The ability to listen and ask clarifying questions
  • Validation, feedback, resolution and advice
  • The potential for deep personal friendship
Video link: https://www.youtube.com/embed/ZXY1_Q6fSWU?rel=0

Learn more

If you are interested in joining a Roundtable contact Lisa Jonas at 513-556-7403 or lisa.jonas@uc.edu