Next Generation Institute Succession Planning

Presented by the Goering Center

What if you could speak to your family — your next generation successors — with complete candor, helping them finally understand what it means to you to turn over the family business you founded, or were the steward of, over so many years of your life? Could you begin to visualize and plan for your next chapter? Are you ready for that?

And what if you are a potential successor to the ownership and leadership of that family business? Filled with ambition one day, reluctance and unanswered questions the next? Can you talk to your family about these matters? Who has the answers? What about the questions you don’t yet know to ask?

We do. Begin your family business transition journey with us.

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Who should participate and why?

The Next Generation Institute® is for owners and leaders of family businesses, their successors, and other family members who may or may not work in or have ownership interest in the business. They come to tackle the tough questions together, have difficult conversations, and gain a holistic perspective on the succession journey. We shine a light on the issues they could not anticipate in a caring and supportive environment.

What should you expect?

Local experts, supported by seasoned facilitators and family guides, will educate you on the Goering Center’s eight business succession best practices for a seamless transition of the value and control of your family's business and legacy:

  1. Principles of Succession
  2. Foundation of a Successful Transition
  3. Forming the Transition Team
  4. Goals, Expectations & Contingency Planning
  5. Strategic Planning & Management
  6. Valuation & Financing    
  7. Optimizing Legal & Tax Structures
  8. Developing & Communicating the Plan

Core presenters and guest speakers

Core presenters
Sessions are conducted by experts in law, business transition planning, valuation, tax, accounting and finance, contingency planning, communication and the dynamics of families in business together.

Guest speakers
We feature guest speakers from regional family businesses who want to share their succession experience.

Facilitators & family guides
Volunteers support each family, making the program content relevant and actionable.

Register for the Next Generation Institute

When: January through June
Time: 9:00 - 11:00 a.m.

  • 6-month program running January through June
  • 12 x 2-hour virtual classroom sessions
  • Family guide led family meetings scheduled at the discretion of families/family guides
  • Generational meetups with various speaker

For more information on the Next Generation Institute please contact David Miller and download our NGI Flyer.

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David Miller

Membership Director