International Resource

International students and students seeking international opporutnities should take advantage of the free resources for University of Cincinnati students.


Interstride is a helpful job search resource for:

  • International students seeking co-op and job opportunities here in the United States
  • American students seeking job opportunities overseas

Interstride offers the following tools:

  • Job search engine that allows filters for keyword, country, H-1B history
  • Insights on History of International Candidate Hiring from U.S. Companies
  • Insights on Foreign Countries including Cost of Living, Immigration, Networking, and Job
  • Networking Tracker with peers on Interstride
  • Webinars on international job searching and visa/immigration policies
  • Resources on resumes, networking, interviews, and job offers

Accessing Interstride

STEP 1: Go to and click "Join Community” 

STEP 2: Use your UC email address to open the UC Single Sign-On portal. Log in with your information.

STEP 3: Fill out your profile and begin using Interstride.