Co-op FAQs

Below are answers to some frequently-asked questions about the co-op program.

How do I obtain professional work experience as a Lindner student?
You will work with your career coach at Lindner Career Services in 1420 Lindner Hall to develop a strategy to obtain full- and/or part-time professional experiences.

How can I learn more about my co-op options?
Register for a Career Success Strategies course: either BA 1080 (for students entering Lindner as freshmen) in the spring of your first year, or BA 2080 (for students transferring or transitioning into Lindner) in your first semester.

How do I search for co-op positions?
Log in to Handshake and click on Job Search at the top of your home dashboard to begin building your search criteria.

What hours qualify a part-time and full-time co-op?
The hours required for a part-time co-op is 175 or more and full-time co-op is 350 or more.

I have secured a co-op. How do I report it?
Congratulations! Please report your co-op in Handshake, and then you will be contacted by a member of the Lindner Career Services team.

Is there a deadline for reporting my co-op?
Yes, you must report your co-op by the following dates:
Fall Semester: October 15
Spring Semester: February 15
Summer Semester: June 15

Who do I work with to explore an international co-op?
The College of Cooperative Education and Professional Studies will continue to assist students seeking international co-op opportunities. Please utilize Lindner Career Services as an additional resource.

Who do I contact if I have questions?
Please contact Lindner Career Services at 513-556-5147 or at

I hope to transfer or transition into Lindner. How can I best take advantage of a co-op?
Once you join Lindner, the flexibility and variety of a co-op will provide you time and choices for gaining professional experience, with co-op, internship, full- and part-time options. Admitted students can learn more about these options through Lindner orientation, as well as Career Success Strategies courses.

I am not in the Lindner College of Business, but do have a business minor, with whom do I work?
You will work with the College of Cooperative Education and Professional Studies for your co-op or internship support depending on your major. Lindner Career Services is only available to majors within the Lindner College of Business, as their curriculum, advising and college fees are tightly linked to this support and related experiences.