Connect With Our Students

On-campus recruiting

Employer information sessions

Information sessions are a perfect place to give more detailed information about your organization's employment opportunities and career paths for students. These sessions helps you increase student's awareness of your organization, as students can ask questions and interact with company representative thereby increasing applicant pool.

Employer panels

Participating in an employer panel provides you with a unique opportunity to network and engage with students by helping them learn more about your industry and company through discussions. This is the best way to increase talent pool by informing students on various opportunities available to them.

Student site visits

Consider giving students hands-on experience providing a chance to see what working in your company would actually look like. Market your organization by highlighting various career opportunities, your hiring processes and allowing information exchange between students and your employees.

Other ways to connect

  • Conduct resume critiques for business students
  • Participate in mock interviews with business students
  • Create a customized event per your needs

For more information, please contact Lindner Career Services at or call 513-556-5147