Co-op Testimonials

Students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of co-ops or internships. Below are some testimonials from students who have benefitted from a co-op as they launch their careers.

Hailey Manual, BBA '26

Headshot of Hailey Manual in a navy short sleeve polo in front of grey lit background

Hailey Manual, BBA '26

  • Major: Information Systems
  • Co-Op Employer: Battelle
  • Co-Op Position: STEM Education Intern
  • In Hailey's words: This experience has set a solid foundation for my professional career, nurturing my development and evolving me as a business professional, student and well-rounded individual. My favorite memory was spending a week in Akron at Computer Science TeacherCon. I learned what it takes to plan and facilitate an event, I had the opportunity to seek advice and learn from CS educators, and explore the city of Akron!

Alex Davy, BBA '24

Headshot of Alex Davey in a white button-up shirt and navy jacket in front of grey lit background

Alex Davy, BBA '24

  • Major: Marketing
  • Co-Op Employer: The Hershey Company
  • Co-Op Position: Category Management Analyst
  • In Alex's words: This co-op better prepared me to join the workforce than anything else and has helped me understand the career path I want to take.

Lacey Kelly, BBA '24

Headshot of Lacey Kelly in a blue blouse and black suit jacket in front of grey lit background

Lacey Kelly, BBA '24

  • Major: Entrepreneurship & Real Estate
  • Co-Op Employer: Colliers International - Cincinnati
  • Co-Op Position: Brokerage Intern
  • In Lacey's words: Colliers helped me with many things, but, above all, solidify my idea of becoming a commercial real estate broker after college. I will be joining their team in the upcoming summer upon graduation.

Matthew Boutros, BBA '25

Headshot of Matthew Boutros in a white button-down shirt, red tie, and blue suit jacket in a blurred outdoor environment

Matthew Boutros, BBA '25

  • Major: Marketing & Information Systems
  • Co-Op Employer: Cisco Systems, Inc.
  • Co-Op Position: Marketing Specialist Intern
  • In Matthew's words: During my time at Cisco, I innovated daily and challenged the status quo. I devised a new video service catalog that resulted in greater production efficiency and accessibility across the organization. I was also able to pitch a comprehensive sustainability marketing strategy to 350+ employees, including senior leadership.

Sarah Schaefer, BBA '24

Headshot of Sarah Schaefer inside Lindner Hall wearing hoop earrings and a black top

Sarah Schaefer, BBA '24

  • Major: Marketing & Information Systems
  • Co-Op Employer: Paycom
  • Co-Op Position: Executive Sales
  • In Sarah's words: After my co-op this summer, I accepted my dream job as an Outside Sales Rep at Paycom — one of the fastest growing tech companies in the world — in my dream city of San Diego, California!

Ejiro Agoba, BS ‘24

Headshot of Ejiro Agoba in black shirt and jacket in front of grey lit background

Ejiro Agoba, BS '24

  • Major: Industrial Management
  • Co-Op Employer: Viasat Inc.
  • Co-Op Position: Data Science in Field Operations Co-op
  • In Ejiro's words: Through this extraordinary Data Science in Field Operations Co-op, I harnessed Excel, Python, SQL, and PowerBI to delve into real-world challenges, emerging not only with sharpened technical prowess but also with a crystal-clear career path in the technology industry, all while feeling confidently primed for whatever lies ahead.

Anna Schulte, BBA '25

Headshot of Anna Schulte wearing red blouse and black blazer in front of white wall

Anna Schulte, BBA '25

  • Major(s): Marketing & Business Analytics
  • Co-Op Employer(s): The Walt Disney Company; 84.51 - PearlRock Partners
  • Co-Op Position(s): Character Performer; Consulting Co-op
  • In Anna's words: Bringing Disney characters to life through storytelling and making lasting memories for guests visiting from all around the world was such a fulfilling experience. I feel so grateful to have had the chance to live my dream in Orlando and move back home to Cincinnati and find an opportunity just as exciting at 84.51 on the PearlRock Partners team.

Eugene Burse, BBA '26

Headshot of Eugene Burse wearing grey polo and smiling in front of white wall

Eugene Burse, BBA '23

  • Major(s): Finance & Economics
  • Co-Op Employer: Commas, powered by Truepoint Wealth Counsel
  • Co-Op Position: Financial Planning Intern
  • In Eugene's words: I had the opportunity to work with many different teams as well as gain some experience with the private equity world for specific clients. I plan to pursue a career in private equity and feel that I will be prepared from this co-op experienceand from serving as the Co-Founder and VP of Professional Development for UC's chapter of Scholars of Finance.

Janikanandan Pemmasani, BBA ‘23

Headshot of Janikanandan Pemmasani

Janikanandan Pemmasani, Accounting '23

  • Major: Accounting
  • Co-Op Employer: NASCAR; Great American Insurance Group
  • Co-Op Position: Finance & Accounting Intern; Investment Accounting Co-op
  • In Janikanandan's words: Co-op at UC has truly been all I imagined it would be. Thanks to the help and guidance of my advisors at the Lindner College of Business, I have been able to participate in a co-op at Great American Insurance Group in the Investment Accounting Group (Spring 2022) and a co-op at NASCAR in the Finance Group (Summer 2022) at the Daytona Beach office. These experiences have truly been amazing as they have allowed me to gain real-life experience and also allowed me to interact with the top executives from the industry, furthering my knowledge. The co-op program has allowed me to better assess my strengths and weaknesses and work on them and I believe it is surely setting me up for success!

Christina Poole, BBA ‘23

Headshot of Christina Poole

Christina Poole, Business Analytics ‘23

  • Major: Marketing
  • Co-Op Employer: Johnson & Johnson
  • Co-Op Position: Customer Development Co-Op, Neutrogena and Kroger
  • In Christina's words: I have had impactful co-ops at Johnson & Johnson during two 6-8 month rotations that provided ample time to make a difference and develop professionally. I worked on the Kroger Team in 2021, which gave me a look into a customer-facing team across all of the categories that J&J owns in the CPG landscape. This experience was entirely virtual, which I made the most of by creating virtual networking calls with young talent and directors across the company. Through networking and hard work, I landed a second rotation, which took me to Los Angeles, where I worked in the Neutrogena Office. I gained experience across trade promotions, customer strategy and marketing Innovation. Both of these experiences were valuable to my time in college because I have been able to sift through the possible avenues of my next steps post-grad to find a great fit that aligns with my passions and skills. My co-ops have created even more excitement for my future in the business world! 

Andrew Geers, BBA ‘23

Headshot of Andrew Geers, Business Economics ‘23

Andrew Geers, Business Economics ‘23

  • Major: Business Economics
  • Co-Op Employer: Aon Inpoint
  • Co-Op Position: Strategy Analyst
  • In Andrew's words: I had the amazing opportunity to intern as a Strategy Analyst at Aon on the Inpoint Consulting team. I'm working on several projects with different clients where I've been able to research the hottest topics in the insurance industry such as cryptocurrency, blockchain, NFTs and more. Without the hands-on experience of my internship, I would not have realized what I want in my future career. I realized I enjoy consulting roles because I get to actively engage with clients and keep getting new projects that challenge me every single day. Thanks to Weston, my career coach, I would not have gotten my internship. His help in practicing mock interviews, reviewing my resume, and connecting me to other students who've had similar co-ops helped me feel confident and prepared going into the interview process. The Lindner Career Services team provides invaluable resources at helping you achieve your dream career.

Joshua Moore, BBA ‘23

Headshot of Joshua Moore, Entrepreneurship ‘23

Joshua Moore, Entrepreneurship ‘23

  • Major: Entrepreneurship
  • Co-Op Employer: Google/Youtube; Red Ventures
  • Co-Op Position: Associate Product Marketing Manager (APMM) Intern; Digital Marketing Analyst
  • In Joshua's words: I couldn't have asked for a better experience and "perspective-gainer" in in life and professionalism! After completing my third year of undergrad, I headed to Charlotte, North Carolina, for an internship with Red Ventures. In my time as a Digital Marketing Analyst, I not only grew as a professional but as a human being, which is what makes Red Ventures so special. In ten weeks, I gained an in-depth understanding of the ever-changing paid media realm through strategic analyses and interactions with industry leading brands such as Snap Inc., TikTok and Google. I also now understand why culture and a sense of belonging are so important in the workplace and how this, in turn, impacts performance and growth.

Nick Morgan, BBA ‘25

Headshot of Nick Morgan, Finance ‘25

Nick Morgan, Finance ‘25

  • Major: Marketing
  • Co-Op Employer: Maxelle Mortgage
  • Co-Op Position: Marketing Manager, previously Loan Assistant
  • In Nick's words: Maxelle Mortgage is a local Cincinnati brokerage dedicated to helping home buyers in the states of Ohio, Kentucky and Florida. We offer numerous loan options specifically tailored to meet whatever type of loan someone might need. When I first started, I was extremely nervous whenever I had to make phone calls and gather information from others. However, the longer I work here, the more confident I get in my abilities to communicate with others. While working at this job I have gained the confidence I needed to achieve in a business environment. Now I look forward to calling insurance agents, loan processors, real estate agents and people searching for homes. Every day I look forward to helping someone into their new home!

Priti Vitankar, BBA ‘23, MS '24

Headshot of Priti Vitankar, Industrial Management ‘23

Priti Vitankar, Industrial Management ‘23

  • Major: Industrial Management; pursuing MS in Business Analytics
  • Co-Op Employer: Bilstein; Standard Textile
  • Co-Op Position: Operation Excellence Co-op; Transportation and Trade Compliance Intern
  • In Priti's words: Throughout my time at UC I had the opportunity to participate in the co-op programs. This is essentially what drew me to UC and it has been a rewarding experience. These experiences have taught me so much about professionalism, people skills and time management. Moreover, it has help me learn about the industry and what I can be expecting after graduation. Career Services has been very helpful throughout this process, helping me build my resume, finding connections, and guiding me through interviews. I am so grateful to have been a part of the co-op program!

Noura Ata, BBA ‘24

Headshot of Noura Ata, Information Systems & Marketing ‘24

Noura Ata, Information Systems & Marketing ‘24

  • Major(s): Information Systems & Marketing
  • Co-Op Employer(s): Google, Fifth Third Bank
  • Co-Op Position: GSC BOLD Intern; Ecosystem Innovation Intern
  • In Noura's words: My work in the Digital and Marketing department as an Ecosystem Innovation Intern at Fifth Third brought together different parties of individuals representing big companies, startups, fintechs, and universities to see the value in what each of us brings to the table in order to create an innovative and collaborative ecosystem. I loved this work not only because I get to view things from the corporate lens, but I also get to be a student voice in these conversations and bring a fresh perspective to the table. In doing this, I get the chance to advocate for student leaders to draw awareness to the value that we can bring to a big company like Fifth Third. As I take in all the knowledge that I've learned throughout this internship, I am actively working to pour it into the organizations that I'm involved in to help them advance forward.

Cole Kazmerzak, Insurance & Risk Management, ‘24

Headshot of Cole Kazmerzak, Insurance & Risk Management, ‘24

Cole Kazmerzak, Insurance & Risk Management, ‘24

  • Major: Insurance & Risk Management
  • Co-Op Employer(s): Great American Insurance Group; American Modern Insurance Group
  • Co-Op Position(s): Underwriter Trainee; Personal Lines Underwriting Intern
  • In Cole's words: One of the main reasons I chose UC was because of the business school and the opportunities that come with it. Coming out of high school I never would have thought I would want to pursue a career in insurance. After finishing a few insurance classes and my internship with American Modern, that mindset has changed substantially for me. Only so much can be taught in the classroom, and I believe actually implementing said knowledge and combining it with what I have learned through this internship has enhanced my understanding of the field insurmountably. Overall, this experience has put me on the right track for the start of what I hope to be a very successful career in insurance.

Cassidy Hook, BBA ‘23

Headshot of Cassidy Hook, Marketing & Information Systems ‘23

Cassidy Hook, Marketing & Information Systems ‘23

  • Major: Marketing & Information Systems
  • Co-Op Employers: Accenture; Nehemiah Manufacturing Company; Sizemore & Company; Friends of Music Hall; Kellogg's
  • In Cassidy's words: My Lindner co-op experiences have been transformative during my time at UC. The flexibility the co-op program provides has allowed me to work with a wide variety of companies, ranging from major corporations, to mid-size firms to local non-profits made up of one other individual, plus volunteers. I’ll walk away from UC one day with not only a degree, but also irreplaceable professional experiences and a robust network at such a young age.

Alayna Petersen, BBA ‘23

Headshot of Alayna Petersen, Operations Management ‘23

Alayna Petersen, Operations Management ‘23

  • Major: Operations Management
  • Co-Op Employer: GE Aviation
  • Co-Op Position: Commodity Buyer- Metals Team, Supply Chain Development Program
  • In Alayna's words: The co-op experience is what has made me who I am during these last three years. I look back at the four companies and six rotations and see the tremendous growth of not only myself as a business professional but as an individual. My latest co-op at GE Aviation has given me the perspective of where I see myself in 5-10 years and the potential growth this opportunity gives me in the future. The relationships I have made during the years has changed me for the better and I am forever grateful to the Lindner College of Business for pushing me to be the best version of myself.

Kate Walsh, BBA ‘24

Headshot of Kate Walsh, Real Estate ‘24

Kate Walsh, Real Estate ‘24

  • Major: Real Estate
  • Co-Op Employers: Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Professional Realty; Messer Construction Co.; and CBRE
  • In Kate's words: Utilizing UC’s co-op program has been the most beneficial resource for me to grow professionally in college. Lindner Career Services Center does an excellent job connecting students to opportunities that reflect their career goals and providing assistance throughout the interview process. Each co-op experience exposed me to a different area of real estate and taught me industry lessons that extend beyond the classroom. The opportunity to work with local or national professionals is what sets Lindner and the co-op program apart from other business colleges.