Co-op Testimonials

Students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of co-ops or internships. Below are some testimonials from students who have benefitted from a co-op as they launch their careers.

Ryan Sweeny, Accounting

"Through Lindner Career Services, I have had the opportunity to network and interview with several commercial real estate and accounting firms. In Spring of 2020, I worked at Great American Insurance Group as a Tax Co-op in the AFG Tax Division. In Fall 2020, I was at Fischer Homes as an Estimating Technician Co-op. In Summer of 2021, I will be joining Ernst & Young in Downtown Cincinnati, as a Risk Advisory Co-op. The connections and expert advice that I have received through my Career Coaches prepared me for interviews and allowed me to participate in a diversified set of professional experiences while in college. I am so thankful for the hard work of everyone in Career Services; I couldn't have done it without their help!"

Bhagya Godakanda, Business Analytics

"Participating in co-op turned out to be one of the best experiences of my university career. I have been able to gain practical work experience and discover new personal strengths and skills through my co-op placements with two excellent companies during my time at UC. I have realized that getting hands on training is a priceless commodity. Platforms such as Handshake makes the job search easier for students and provides employers with the opportunity to hire highly motivated students whose career objectives are directly related to the job. 

The opportunity to explore different career paths and the connections made has been truly invaluable. The opportunities allowed me to apply my learning to a professional work setting and develop my skill set. Participating in co-op has given me the potential to advance within my career field of Business Analytics. Considering some of the projects I worked on, the amount of personal growth and my ability to confidently contribute to the workplace, I could not be more grateful for what Lindner has offered me."

Abdou Ndao, Economics

"Throughout my time at the University of Cincinnati, I had the pleasure of interning at BlackRock, the Fund Evaluation Group and Merrill Lynch. These experiences were the catalyst to my growth professionally and personally. I am grateful to have gained an understanding of my purpose and passion through experiences in a work environment. Additionally, I am thankful that the Lindner College of Business allowed me the flexibility to undertake these experiences."

Chloe Woodworth, Entrepreneurship

"I cannot express the gratitude I have for GMS (Group Management Services) and the opportunities they presented me with. I have gained more professional knowledge from this company than any company I have worked for in the past. Every person I worked with was more than willing to take time to teach me and help me learn more about sales. GMS is a very close knit community and the sales managers at each location took time to pour knowledge into the interns and teach us what it takes to be successful in sales. Our training program was also very useful because they send the interns to the main location and took us through an extensive process of learning about GMS and how to be successful within the company."

Alejandro Diaz, Finance

"My experience at Gensuite LLC represents my first off-campus professional experience in the US. As an international student, what made me choose UC was its top-ranked co-op program and the incredible amount of resources Lindner has to offer through career services and coaching. At Gensuite, I currently work as a Customer Relationship Management Intern, where I collaborate with Gensuite team members and customers to support pilots, renewals, and launches for EHS compliance software. The company has been fantastic in offering a rich internship experience. Regardless of it being virtual due to the pandemic, I have been involved in several new subscriber launches and projects with teammates all over the world. Moving forward, I was offered a second rotation in the corporate finance and growth side of the business which lines up more with my interests. This speaks a lot about a company that is willing to be flexible and help its interns find their passion through real professional experiences and heavy involvement."

Kyle Knight, Industrial Management

"I believe that the most valuable aspect of my experience was that I was able to confirm that I want to continue to work with this company. I have always wanted to work for the Walt Disney Company since I was young and I am now able to say that is exactly where I want my professional career to continue. I learned that this company does appreciate the opinions of everyone in the company no matter your title or status. I also learned that being a leader in front of guests is more effective and important than in front of fellow co-workers. This is due to the fact that you represent the company at all times no matter your location or situation."

Brennan Hirth, Information Systems

"During my time in Lindner, I was able to co-op with two different companies local to Cincinnati. That was great because I was able to work part-time during my school semesters, and fit 3 semesters of part-time and 2 semesters of full-time co-op into 4 years. That much experience really put me ahead of other students when I was applying for post-grad jobs with a combined 5 semesters of work experience and a double major.

 I was also able to get a wide range of experience during my co-ops, from financial services to cutting edge technology. This was important to me, as I wanted to hone in on the kind of culture, industry, and company I would confidently fit in with when I graduated. The short-term co-ops I had gave me the chance to try out different roles in different companies, allowing me to make a checklist of what was most important to me before committing to a full-time role. 

 Now, thanks to my co-op experiences, I was offered a job in the University Development Program at 84.51°, an analytics and software engineering company in Cincinnati that turns data into insights for its parent company, Kroger. I'm now working as a Product Manager to help build innovative software products that drive Kroger's business forward."

William Kegg, Insurance & Risk Management

"A major in Insurance and Risk Management gives students an unparalleled opportunity to find internships and co-ops that will eventually lead to fulltime positions after graduation. It gives students the chance to find out what they enjoy in the work world and what they would like to potentially pursue someday! There are so many different career paths a major in IRM can take. It does not pigeonhole students into the insurance industry. Everything is up to the student's choice."

Karen Sanchez, Marketing

"I am so grateful for the co-op opportunities that the Lindner College of Business provides. I was able to develop my business skills at companies like P&G and KAO through their internship programs and it wouldn't have been possible without the support of LCB."

Kaitlin Geisz, Operations Management

"I believe that had I not had this experience, the value of the degree I am receiving would seriously diminish. It is one thing to learn about Supply Chain and International Business in a classroom, but seeing its application in the real world has proven invaluable to my growth as a professional. My coworkers and supervisor have always treated me with the utmost respect, and have made me an important member of their team. I have made powerful connections, and gained lifelong friends and mentors."

Erin McNally, Real Estate

"Working at Macy’s at a time when retail real estate is so frequently changing was such a huge learning opportunity and something that college simply can’t teach. Retail real estate is something I have grown to see as the next big challenge, and I have Macy’s to thank for the educational background in retail. Applying learnings from both classes and real-life situations on the job is an experience every student should take advantage of!"