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Path to the Final Four

What's the trick? Higher seeded teams? Or gut instinct?

We turn to the experts at Lindner.


Some say picking NCAA winners is a matter of luck. Others think it's a science. Meet the men behind the science at the Lindner College of Business. They've turned picking NCAA brackets into a class that boils down to one important ingredient: math.

Lindner College of Business Professor Mike Magazine and Lindner alum Paul Bessire, MS-QA '05, have teamed up to teach Bracketology—the course. Magazine, a self-proclaimed 'math geek,' is a professor of Operations, Business Analytics and Information Systems. Bessire runs the popular, a website that uses analytics to predict sports games.

The two have been featured in the media (Washington Post, CBS Sports Network, UC Magazine, The List TV) for their advice on college hoops.

Sure they teach the ins and outs to picking a better bracket to their students. But here they put their knowledge to the test with their own NCAA picks.

What is Bracketology?


Meet the Experts

Mike Magazine

Picks by Mathematical Mike

  • I've got a good track record and can tell you which factors bear the most weight when
    it comes to predicting games.
Paul Bessire

Picks by the Predictionator

  • You want the best bracket? I'll tell you what I watch in the regular season and conference tournaments so you can pick a winner