Capstone Projects

Experience-based learning is an integral component of Lindner’s MS Marketing program. Through a capstone project, students partner with an organization to problem-solve something specific to help improve the company’s marketing strategy and execution.

Read on about capstone projects completed by two MS Marketing students during the 2021-22 academic year.

Luke Bowles

Luke Bowles has a Master’s of Science degree in marketing and a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in finance from the Carl H. Lindner College of Business. Luke works at Procter & Gamble, where he is a senior brand manager on the Bounce brand, responsible for North America delivery.​

Capstone: Lindner College of Business, Graduation Experience Redesign


A personalized graduation experience is an important aspect of the student journey at any college or university. The University of Cincinnati hosts a single, university-wide commencement ceremony at the conclusion of every semester. The Lindner College of Business wanted to launch a coordinated experience that kicked off the alumni journey with a meaningful experience for Lindner graduates that supplemented the university’s programming.



Luke Bowles, BBA ’21, MS ’22

Luke and his capstone partner first collaborated with Lindner's leadership to develop core strategic objectives for a successful graduation experience. The project had three phases:

  1. Perform an audit of past Lindner graduation experiences, along with a research study into the graduation experiences of other business schools and UC colleges.
  2. Develop and test potential graduation experience concepts with Lindner students and other stakeholders.
  3. After aligning on a winning experience, develop a pitch deck with ideas and gain approval from Lindner stakeholders.​


Ultimately, the project proposed a unique experience to kick off the alumni journey for Lindner graduates, with plans for implementation in spring 2023. In addition to many elements, the revamped experience culminates with an event called “Cheers to the Graduates," an event where graduates and guests gather in Lindner Hall for socializing, optional programming and a toast from the Dean.

Morgan Blaylock

Morgan Blaylock holds her Master’s of Science in marketing degree from the Carl H. Lindner College of Business and her Bachelor's of Science in business from Miami University Farmer School of Business. She currently works as a campaign operations associate for 84.51° in Cincinnati. Morgan’s specialties include campaign management, web development and creative design.

Capstone: Steinhauser Printing, Redefining Value


Steinhauser Printing became the leading printing agency in Cincinnati after the recent acquisition of a high-quality printing machine. However, even with the capacity to produce high-quality prints, the company was not receiving the customer acquisition momentum they were anticipating.



Morgan Blaylock, MS ’22

Morgan conducted expert interviews, in-person facility tours of label printers around Cincinnati and fielded surveys through Qualtrics. These methods led her to uncover three key insights:

  1. Steinhauser Printing was not seen as an industry leader.
  2. Referrals were crucial in the customer acquisition process.
  3. Trust surpasses all else when choosing a printing company.

Armed with this knowledge, Morgan recommended a client referral program, personalized starter kits and a charity co-branding with current clients.


The client referral program would lead Steinhauser to foster new relationships and acquire new clients. Additionally, the refined personalized starter kits would build out the current welcome mailer that potential clients receive. Lastly, the charity co-branding would require partnerships with clients to help serve the community, a commitment benefiting all.

For detailed information on the MS Marketing program or to sponsor a capstone project, contact Assistant Professor-Educator Dianne Hardin or Associate Professor of Marketing and Innovation Drew Boyd.

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Dianne Hardin

Assistant Professor-Educator, Department of Marketing

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Drew Boyd

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