Non-Business Students

Applying to the Lindner College of Business

In order to apply, students must submit the application to change colleges. The Lindner College of Business accepts transition students to begin in the fall, spring or summer semester. This form must be submitted by these application deadlines:

  • Fall Semester Admission: July 1
  • Spring Semester Admission: November 1
  • Summer Semester Admission: March 1

Transition requirements :

Please review the list below to determine eligibility for admission to Lindner. For full the criteria, see the notes at the bottom of the page.

Prior to submitting an application for all degree programs in the Lindner College of Business, you must:

1. Have a cumulative collegiate grade point average (GPA) of 2.5 or higher on a 4.0 scale over all course work attempted.

            Please note this includes all coursework taken at UC and other universities.

            Students must also have a University of Cincinnati GPA of a 2.0 or higher.

2. Demonstrate appropriate progress toward completion of required mathematics courses.

            For BBA and BA programs, students must have earned a grade of C- or better in Math 1044 or             Math 1061, or successfully completed Math 1046 with a passing grade.

            For the BS programs, students must have earned a grade of C- or better in Math 1061.

3. Students with fewer than the equivalent of 30 semester hours will be evaluated based on Freshmen admissions criteria.

If admitted, participation in a Lindner College of Business Orientation session is mandatory. Failure to attend an Orientation session will result in the offer of admission being rescinded.