Academic Integrity

Lindner College of Business academic misconduct policy

The Lindner College of Business equips graduate students with advanced analytical tools, sound conceptual frameworks, and the skills to be effective managers and leaders in business and government. But true success requires that technical skills and managerial savvy are combined with the highest ethical standards. Ensuring your integrity is ultimately your responsibility. To help ensure the alignments of incentives, the Lindner College of Business fully upholds the UC Student Code of Conduct and carefully monitors and sanctions incidents of misconduct.

Two Strikes Policy on academic integrity

All academic programs at the Lindner College of Business will apply a Two Strikes Policy regarding academic integrity. Any student who has been found responsible for two cases of academic misconduct may be dismissed from the College.

The Two Strikes Policy supplements the UC Student Code of Conduct. All cases of academic misconduct (e.g., cheating, plagiarism, falsification) will be formally reported by faculty. Students will be afforded due process for allegations, as outlined in the policy. If a student is found responsible of academic misconduct in two instances, the student may be dismissed from the Lindner College of Business.

Graduate student honor code

The University of Cincinnati Lindner College of Business equips leaders for the global business community. Personal integrity and bonds of social responsibility are essential to achieving this goal. Students have a responsibility to abide by this code as a matter of self-respect.

As a member of the Lindner College of Business community, I will:

  • be respectful, professional and ethical in all my dealings;
  • not lie, cheat, or steal in my academic endeavors;
  • oppose each and every instance of dishonesty;
  • report any violation for appropriate review.