Selected Management PhD Publications

Names of Lindner College of Business faculty appear in bold. Names of Lindner PhD candidates are underlined.

Khazanchi, S., Sprinkle, T.A., Masterson, S.S., and Tong, N. (forthcoming). A spatial model of work relationships: The relationship-building and relationship-straining effects of workspace design. Academy of Management Review.

Puranik, H., Koopman, J., Vough, H. C., and Gamache, D. L. (forthcoming) They want what I’ve got (I think): The causes and consequences of attributing coworker behavior to envy. Academy of Management Review.

Masterson, S.S., Lensges, M.L. (in press) LMX and justice. Oxford Handbook of Leader-Member Exchange (LMX).

Caza, B. B., Vough, H. C., and Puranik, H. (2018) Identity work in organizations: Definitions, theories and pathways forward. Journal of Organizational Behavior, 39 (7), 889-910.

Steffel, M., Williams, E. F., and Perrmann-Graham, J. (2016). Passing the buck: Delegating choices to others to avoid responsibility and blame. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 135, 32-44.

Steffel, M., Williams, E.F., and Perrmann-Graham, J. (2016). Research on Delegating Shows How Uncomfortable We Are Making Choices for Others. Harvard Business Review Online

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Masterson, S.S. and Tong, N. (In Press) 2015. Justice Perception Formation in Social Settings. In R.S. Cropanzano and M. Ambrose (Eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Justice in Work Organizations. London: Oxford University Press

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