Real World Connections

Cincinnati is a thriving business community with more Fortune 500 companies per capita than New York, Los Angeles, Boston or Chicago, and with nine Fortune 500 company global headquarters (including Procter & Gamble, Kroger, and Macy's) located within three miles of the University of Cincinnati campus.

Being close to a vibrant business community is only an advantage if you make it one, and we do. It's not unusual for C-level executives to guest speak in our classes, attend our networking events, or even judge our student projects. Admittedly, it adds some extra pressure when you're presenting your recommendations to a client company and the CEO is in the room listening and asking questions, but that's also how you turn an MBA project into a job offer.

Further, here at Lindner, we believe that successful business leaders in the 21st century need to think globally, so we require all full-time MBA students to take part in a global, immersive business experience. A cornerstone of the Lindner MBA program involves a team-based consulting project with groups of four to five students working together on a business challenge assigned by a leading company in that region. Global immersions have included studying entrepreneurship in Dubai, supply chain management in Chile, and project management in the Czech Republic.