High- Impact Research


The Department of Management is a leader in high-impact research as is evidenced by faculty publications in top journals in the field.  

As one example of impact, a study of top business journal publications by the University of Texas at Dallas School of Management revealed the following:

  • In the period 2006-2010, the UC Management Department ranked 50th of 700 AACSB accredited business schools in North America for articles appearing in the top three journals in the field (Administrative Science Quarterly, Academy of Management Review and Academy of Management Journal). The department came in at 58th in a worldwide comparison of over 1,000 AACSB accredited schools.
  • For the same period, the department was ranked 26th among North American schools for publications in the Academy of Management Journal.
  • For public or state supported schools, the same study ranked the UC Management Department 37th in North America.
  • Four of our 12 research faculty published in these 3 journals during the time period, with others having articles in preparation for publication. This is noteworthy as some schools are dominated by only one or two authors appearing in these journals.

While there are many ways to measure research excellence, presence in the top, all-purpose management journals is certainly one objective approach to comparison. As such, we are exceedingly proud that the UC Management Department is among the elite research programs within the management discipline. If you wish to receive additional information, please contact


Elaine Hollensbe

Elaine Hollensbe
Department Head

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