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The Distinguished Real Estate Service Award

Each year the Greater Cincinnati Real Estate community looks to his/her peers in the industry to bestow the University of Cincinnati Distinguished Real Estate Service Award.  And each year the real estate community responds, with pen and paper, jotting down the reasons why he or she deserves such noteworthy recognition. They choose a professional who best exemplifies an entrepreneurial spirit and concern for their community.  The award is then presented at the Annual Real Estate Banquet held in June near the end of the school year.

Past Award Recipients

  • 2018: Tom Powers, Executive Managing Director, Cushman & Wakefield
  • 2017: Dan Neyer, President and CEO, Neyer Properties
  • 2016: Louis Guttman, CEO, Hills Properties
  • 2015: Mike Schueler, President, Schueler Group
  • 2014: Kay Geiger, President, PNC Bank-Greater Cincinnati/N. Kentucky
  • 2013: Murray Sinclaire, Jr., President & CEO & Owner, Ross, Sinclaire & Associates
  • 2012: Tom Williams, President and CEO, North American Properties
  • 2011: Jeanne Schroer, Executive Director, Catalytic Development Fund, Northern Kentucky
  • 2010: Mario San Marco, President, Eagle Realty Group
  • 2009: Jim Hodge, Vice President of Real Estate, Kroger Company
  • 2008: Jeffrey R. Anderson, Founder & President, Jeffrey R. Anderson Real Estate, Inc.
  • 2006: Henry Fischer, Chief Executive Officer, Fischer Homes
  • 2005: Harry Fath, Owner, Fath Properties
  • 2004: The partners of Miller-Valentine Group
  • 2003: David Tipton, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, Tipton Interests
  • 2002: John Frank, Jr., Chairman, Colliers Turley Martin Tucker
  • 2001: James Wuenker, Vice President of Economic Development, Greater Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce (retired)
  • 2000: Thomas H. Humes, President of Great Traditions Land and Development Company
  • 1999: Norm Miller, Director of Real Estate Program, University of Cincinnati
  • 1998: Arn Bortz, Managing Partner, Towne Properties
  • 1997: William Butler, President and CEO, Corporex Companies Inc.
  • 1996: Manuel D. Mayerson, Founder, The Mayerson Co.
  • 1995: Ralph A. Drees, CEO and Board Chairman, The Drees Co.
  • 1994: Paul Hemmer Sr., Chairman, Paul Hemmer Construction Co.
  • 1993: Don Neyer, former President, Al Neyer Inc.
  • 1992: West Shell Jr., former Board Chairman, West Shell Inc.
  • 1991: Neil Bortz, Principal, Towne Properties