Roger Johannigman



Roger is an achiever, arranger and organizer for maximum productivity. He is an activator, making things “happen.” With his upbeat, positive attitude he is able to engender excitement along with having the ability to listen to, and understand the unique needs, desires, and talents of others. 

Areas of Expertise:

  • Family Transition Planning (37 years of experience)
    • He transitioned his own family business and has been a NGI facilitator since 2010 and a transition guide since 2014.
  • Leadership/Management Development (37 years of experience)
    • CEO coach since 2014 through Vistage International.
  • Business Strategy (37 years of experience)
    • CEO - responsible for strategic planning and implementation of $60 MM distribution company. Strategic planning facilitator for small to mid-sized companies since 2014.

Industry Experience: 

  • Distribution/Wholesale (30 years of experience)
    • Owner/CEO of $60MM pet food and supply distribution business.
  • Retail (12 years of experience)   
    • Owner/CEO of 7-store specialty retail chain.
  • Technology (1 year of experience)
    • Executive VP - Administration and Finance, Technology Company.

Contact Information:

Roger Johannigman
(513) 235-6786