Recognize Your Rising Leaders

2018 - 2019 Nominations are now open.

Nominations submitted by the last business day of every month will be considered for selection on the following month.

Nomination Process & Award Criteria

The third annual nomination process began August 16th, 2018, and continues through July 31, 2019. Over these months, an independent panel of judges will select 9 semi-finalists from a pool of nominees, one each month from November - July. Semi-finalists are chosen for their demonstrated success advancing one of the 10 Best Practices of Family and Private Business.

A nominee must be an employee of a Goering Center Core Member company who is on a leadership track, or succession track, of a family or private business.

The Goering Center will showcase semi-finalists in our publications and live events. By publicly acknowledging their accomplishments we will help establish them – and the companies they work for – as Rising Leaders in Greater Cincinnati’s business community.

2018 Rising Leader Award

Cultivating bench strength is critical to long-term success.

By investing in a rising generation of leaders, we lay a foundation for succession, and by acknowledging the accomplishments of these rising leaders, we create highly engaged and motivated teams. These new leaders shape the future of our companies and collectively grow our regional economy.

To demonstrate its commitment to this region’s future generation of leaders, the Goering Center will honor one “Rising Leader” Finalist at its annual Family and Private Business Awards.


Voting is Now Closed.

Thanks to all who voted for the Rising Leader Award. The winner will be announced live at the Family & Private Business Awards on September 11.




July 2018

Nathan Bare

Nathan Bare, Industrial Engineer of Casco Manufacturing Solutions, is being recognized for excelling at "Dynamic Business Strategy" at his company.

Nathan started working for the company in November of 2017. Nathan has been changing the way that the company operates by redesigning the production floor to increase productivity and efficiency. Nathan will become in charge of the Industrial Engineering Department in 2019.

"Nathan is skilled, enthusiastic and geared to succeed at Casco. He enjoys the new challenges and opportunities of working at Casco every day. His enthusiasm for designing Casco products for customers efficiently and his talent for retaining high quality while reducing the cost of production makes him a valued Casco employee with a bright future."

Melissa Mangold
President & CEO, Casco Manufacturing Solutions

June 2018

Lori Trainor

Lori Trainor, Client Services Director of Assisting Hands Home Care, is being recognized for her impact on "Business Growth" at her company.

Lori was placed in her new role at the start of 2017, tasked to manage a 100-plus client base and 200-plus caregivers. She developed new management processes, was a leader in redeveloping a comprehensive training program, and launched an Executive Advisory Panel of caregivers to meet with quarterly, to contribute to HR efforts, benefits and client services.

"Lori has been an outstanding leader in the development of over a 200 people workforce. [...] Her leadership in these efforts and the trusting relationships she has developed with clients and referral sources were a key element of our ability to grow by over 20 percent in 2017 and reduce employee turnover by nearly 30 percent."

Greg Kling
President, Assisting Hands Home Care

May 2018

Kelly Backscheider

Kelly Backscheider, Chief Operating Officer of BGR, is May's Rising Leader. She is recognized for advancing the Goering Center's best practice, "Dynamic Business Strategy" at her company.

Kelly has worked for seven years in her family's business, which sells packaging supplies and equipment across the Tristate region. Kelly led efforts in improving BGR's organization and structure, and since she took on her new role as COO, the company experienced over $104 million in sales.

"Kelly has helped keep things well run and planned out through acquisitions and the opening of new branches. Her strategic planning and thinking has made our growth possible."

Helene Adkins
Strategic Account Manager, BGR

April 2018

Don Prysi

Don Prysi, President of Indy Honeycomb, has been selected as the Rising Leader for April for his work on their Performance Management System. Don researched industry specific market rate compensation, and developed a system of pay rates that worked toward these rates for all employees.

"Job descriptions were made or revised to become uniform and consistent then Don effectively communicated a measured plan to integrate/introduce them into routine performance evaluations."

Steve Barnett
CEO, Indy Honeycomb

March 2018

Mike McCullough

Mike McCullough, President of TRAK Group, has been selected as the Rising Leader for March for contributing to the best practice of 'Giving Back' at TRAK. Mike has encouraged his team to volunteer by fostering volunteering options during the workday.

"This has allowed for our staff to grow as a team both personally and professionally. It is a wonderful feeling to have a president who cares about supporting and giving back to a community we are all a part of. Everyone has chosen to be a part of these events because it feels great to give back, but it has also allowed TRAK to develop a positive reputation as a business."

Tiffany Sheibley
Office Assistant, TRAK Group

February 2018

Eric Scherzinger

Eric Scherzinger, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Scherzinger Pest Control, has been selected as the Rising Leader for February, 2018 for contributing to the best practice of 'Giving Back' at his company. Eric has been instrumental in increasing Scherzinger's community involvement. He coordinated employee participation at the "Scherzinger Butterfly Garden," outside of the Krohn Conservatory each year.

"The response from getting the employees engaged in these activities has been great. We have had a large amount of participation and employees volunteering to help. [...] When we have donated the bed bug services to the families associated with the Dragon Fly Foundation we have actually had too many volunteers and had to let them work in shifts."

Eric Scherzinger
Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Scherzinger Pest Control

January 2018

Jay Stautberg

Jay Stautberg, Chief Financial Officer at Home City Ice, has been selected as the Rising Leader for January, 2018 for his work in the area of 'Family Council.' Jay has has helped the family business to improve dialogue with one another, thus improving the future decisions of the business.

"Jay has been instrumental in unifying the family, enabling the business to grow into its next plateau."

Cliff Riegler
COO, Home City Ice

December 2017

Valerie Webster

Valerie Webster, President of USGreentech, has advanced the "Turf Infill Experts" company by planning a Dynamic Business Strategy (one of the Goering Center's listed Best Practices for family and private businesses).

US Greentech is an operating division of The Motz Corporation, led by CEO Joe Motz. Motz credits Valerie with revising USGreentech's strategic focus, complete with an in-depth dashboard model with a "strategic business/people plan." This vision for the future has been the foundation for the dynamic growth both The Motz Corporation and USGreentech are realizing.

"Valerie has moved our strategic 'window into the future' from our previous 3 years at best to an in-depth dashboard model with a strategic business/people plan laid out over the course of the next 5 years."

Joe Motz
CEO, The Motz Corporation

November 2017

Lauren Bunn

Lauren Bunn, Chief Operating Officer of Appro-RX, is the Rising Leader Semi-Finalist for November 2017. Lauren is being recognized for her work advancing the best practice of Business Growth at her organization.

Nominations are open for the Goering Center's second annual Rising Leader Award, and we are announcing our first Semi-Finalist for the 2017-2018 season: Lauren Bunn, COO of Appro-RX! Congratulations to Lauren and her team on this achievement.

"Lauren, under her direction and leadership, has maintained the daily operations of Appro-Rx through a time of unprecedented growth. She has maintained our core book and existing foundation of business during this growth and acquisition of new clients, a 2400 square foot remodel addition to our existing offices and has trained and directed all the new employees added to Appro-Rx."

Kyle Fields
CEO, Appro-Rx


For more information about the Rising Leader Award, contact Cathy Decker at or (513) 556-7405.