October 2017

Passwords are like underpants – Change them often, keep them private and never share them with anyone.

Joe Berardi, Client Account Representative, Full Service Networking

Here are a few simple tips and techniques to help keep your accounts safer by protecting your passwords. Hackers often utilize password cracking programs that cycle through millions of combinations per second in an attempt to guess your password. Some hackers utilize dictionaries as the source to guess passwords while others simply use brute force measures and run through all combinations of upper and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters.

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Business Email Compromise: A Deceptive Threat to your Business

Eric J. Nabozny, Commercial Market Manager, First Financial Bank

With the recent Equifax Data Breach, our minds instantly turn to how we can better protect our personal information and the information of our business.  As important as these data breach threats are, as seen in the rampant media coverage to expose these threats, there is another equally pervasive threat to our businesses that often goes unnoticed and unreported.  This threat is known as “Business Email Compromise.”

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