June 2017

De-mystifying the Fiduciary Standard

Dean R. Johns, John D. Dovich & Associates; Matthew A. Swendiman, Graydon Compliance Solutions, LLC


An odd sounding word to describe something to do with money.

In fact, as the definition of the word illustrates, “fiduciary” is at its core, a word with the concept of trust, confidence, obligation, law and benefit attached to it.  There’s been a lot of discussion about a concept involving the word “fiduciary” in recent months, and more correctly, the “fiduciary standard.” Many pundits have compared the fiduciary standard to a “suitability standard,” which has caused confusion in the minds of many, as well as causing some to ask the question of, “Why do I care about any of this?”

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What Keeps You Up At Night?

David Cassady, Chief Growth Officer, Cassady Schiller & Associates

At age 30, you and a partner took an enormous leap out of your comfortable, corporate-level well-paying job to start your own business.  With limited resources and a small line of credit, you hired your first employees and began working to develop your new business.  You remember parting with your first significant profit as it was used to make payroll that first year. Slowly but surely, your hard work paid off. Today that two-man shop is now home to 100 employees. 

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One Business Owner's 10-Year Succession Journey

Michael Sipple, Sr., CEO/Chairman, Centennial, Inc.

Senior executives pour their lives into the success of their organizations.  It’s so much a part of their identity that they sometimes cannot imagine life without it. The challenges. The goals. The new pursuits.  However, retirement sounds pretty sweet too.

Can these two streams of thought coexist: 1) pressing forward in business and 2) retirement? Can your desire to lead your organization to ongoing success seamlessly marry with your desire to retire some day?  Today is the day to consider this.

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