January 2017

Evaluating Your End Game

Larry Grypp, President of the Goering Center

“What is your exit strategy?” That is an expected question for any company seeking seed money, venture capital or private equity. Not only does it clarify when and under what conditions the investment may be monetized but it also signals a discipline, and focus, about the end-game.

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Setting Course for Success: New Year’s Resolutions for the Family Business

Crystal Faulkner & Tom Cooney Partners, MCM CPAs & Advisors

Happy New Year! We’re very excited about the many new possibilities 2017 could bring for our lives and businesses, and you should be too. We really like the quote from Wayne Dyer, “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” This is a powerful idea to keep in mind as you plan the future of your business. It can be the guiding hand by which fresh resolutions and goals can emerge. Here is what we are encouraging our clients to consider for the New Year.

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10 Steps To Consider To Evaluate Your Succession Plan

Doug Meyer, Managing Director, Brixey & Meyer

It’s never too early to start your process for Succession Planning. Mapping out both your personal and professional goals, as a business owner, is critical to long-term success.

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Why Try LDI?

Goering Center

Julie Highley, Senior Vice President, Horan Associates, needed a solution. When she started in a new leadership position, it also came with the need to learn new skills to help her team grow. Her solution? Enroll in the Goering Center’s Leadership Development Institute (LDI).

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