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Fealy Bearcat Bridge Fund


The Fealy Bearcat Bridge Fund (FBBF) was established in 2001, through a grant from the Coleman Foundation, the support of Mr. Robert Fealy, and other generous donors.



The objective of the FBBF is to foster entrepreneurship among students from all UC colleges and campuses. It supports student inventors and entrepreneurs with innovative ideas and the drive to turn those ideas into reality. The FBBF is here to support the development of promising technologies and the launch of new ventures.

Selection Process & Deadlines

  • Students may submit proposals at any time during the academic year.  All applications must be received no later than 11:59 pm on May 27th to be considered for funding. Proposals will be reviewed annually in May with winners announced in June/July.
  • Each application will be given a preliminary review by members of the CEC Faculty, and/or members of the FBBF advisory board. When CEC faculty and/or the advisory board decide that a particular proposal is complete, it will be formally reviewed by a committee composed of members of the faculty and the FBBF advisory board for final review and grant funding decisions.  In deciding which plans merit funding, the FBBF advisory board may request additional information or personal interviews with a plan’s authors. Click here to learn more about the FBBF Advisory Board

Grants & In-Kind Support

Typical funding levels range from $1,000 - $5,000, though higher levels of funding can be awarded at the discretion of the FBBF advisory board. In addition to cash grants, FBBF winners also receive goods and services to support the launch of their new ventures. Click here


Eligibility & Guidelines
All UC students are eligible to submit applications for funding.  Students may work individually or with a team of other UC students. Interdisciplinary collaboration among students from various UC colleges is encouraged. Recent UC alumnus (who have graduated in the past six months) are also eligible. Teams must include at least one UC student or recent UC alumnus. Teams should be composed primarily of UC students or alumni, but may include others.

Proposals for all types of enterprises, including small or large-scale, high or low-tech, e-commerce and/or bricks and mortar, profit and non-profit, will be accepted.  Preliminary review will look for evidence of the following criteria:

  • Feasibility of the proposed venture and its prospects for success
  • Strength of the management team's commitment to the venture and their qualifications to make it succeed
  • Prospects for raising additional funding as required
  • Conceptual and/or technical originality and/or social value

Preparing To Apply
We’ve made the application process very simple. It’s all online and easy to apply! Here’s a quick list of what you need to prepare:

  • Name, email address, mobile phone, academic degree and program, resume, and citizenship status for all team members
  • A simple budget of how you plan to spend your grant money
  • A brief executive summary (the equivalent of about 5 type written pages) that introduces the committee to your idea.

To preview the application, click link below.

Apply Here