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Kentucky Innovation Network

Kentucky Innovation Network

The Kentucky Innovation Network has been around since 2001 creating a network of business leaders and mentors that encourage relationships, grow companies new and existing, and create jobs. They do this through the thirteen offices they have located across Kentucky.

The Network is managed in partnership with the Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development and Kentucky Science and Technology Corporation, along with local partners. Each office is staffed by experienced and educated business leaders.

They offer a networking platform for business leaders, mentors, businesses, and investors to help grow new and existing companies. Its main focus is on business assessment, development, and capitalization. They help startup companies in developing a business model, networking connections with mentors and business advisors, providing strategic guidance, and assessing and raising funds. They also help existing businesses to grow further by providing professional coaching, strategic expertise, hiring best employees, marketing, branding, designing, research and development, and evaluating each step of your business journey.

Whether you are the leader of an established company, the founder of a small business, a researcher or a university professor, if your goal is to make a difference, The Network can help. Do you need assistance with business development, growth strategies, or funding sources? We will introduce you to a network of great people to collaborate with who would love the opportunity to tell you more about the resources available to you in Kentucky.

If you are a UC student, Kentucky Innovation Network invites you to take advantage of their offered resources. If you are interested in starting your own business, click here to read more. If you currently have a business and are looking for ways to grow it, click here. Finally, if you have an extensive startup and are looking for funding opportunities or other resources for your company, click here.

For information on upcoming events visit: http://kyinnovation.com/category/events/

Contact Kentucky Innovation Network:
200 W. Vine Street, Ste. 420
Lexington, KY 40507
Work: (859) 246-3233
Fax: (859) 259-0986