Graduate Scholarship Information

Graduate Incentive Award and Graduate Assistant Scholarship

The Graduate Incentive Award (GIA) and Graduate Assistant Scholarship (GAS) are university-funded scholarships that cover all or part of a full-time or part-time student's tuition and certain fees and cannot be used for any other purpose. Awards are posted directly to student bills and will not be sent as a payment directly to the student. Shortly after an admission offer, the appointing program will send scholarship offers in writing (including information about the amount and duration of the award and the terms of the offer) to students who are awarded funding.

Students receiving a GIA or GAS must be registered for at least the number of graduate credit hours covered by the GIA or GAS in each semester for which they are receiving support. The GIA is for graduate students who are not graduate assistants, and therefore no service is required in return for the award. The GAS is for graduate students who are graduate assistants. These students must meet the eligibility requirements in their Graduate Assistant letter to maintain their GAS.

Other rules and policies that apply specifically to international students are independent of GIA/GAS regulations. Neither negates or takes the place of the other. (See the Graduate School Handbook for financial support rules and policies.)

Schaps Scholarship

The Schaps Scholarship is a fully funded, merit-based tuition scholarship for working professionals stopping out to pursue the full-time MBA program at Lindner. In order to be considered for this scholarship, you must submit an application to the program (full-time MBA cohort only). Then submit your self-nomination.

UC employees and/or their dependents should contact UC Human Resources for information on tuition remission. UC employees and dependents are eligible for scholarships. Scholarships are applied before remission and will lower any associated tax burden of the tuition remission benefit.