Lindner College of Business Leadership Team

Eight individuals who make up the Lindner leadership team stand smiling on the grand staircase of the Lindner Hall atrium

The leadership team for UC's Carl H. Lindner College of Business: Nick Castro, left, Suzanne Masterson, Robin Brinkman, Marianne Lewis, Steve Slezak, Debora Myree, Rachel Fausz and Chuck Sox.

The leadership team at the Carl H. Lindner College of Business is composed of three associate deans with highly focused, yet interdependent priorities, as well as integral staff leadership positions, such as development and strategic operations.

  • Marianne W. Lewis, PhD – Dean
  • Robin Brinkman – Executive Director, Strategic Operations: 
  • Nick Castro, JD – Executive Director, Lindner Inclusive Excellence: 
  • Rachel Fausz – Senior Director, Lindner Development
  • Suzanne Masterson, PhD – Associate Dean, Faculty, Research & Lindner Culture
  • Debora Myree – Business Officer
  • Steve Slezak, PhD – Associate Dean, Academic Programs
  • Chuck Sox, PhD – Associate Dean, Impact & Partnerships: 

“Each associate dean is responsible for a critical engine of the college and specific initiatives, yet all team members will be architects and bridge builders," said Marianne Lewis, dean at the Lindner College of Business. "While we all have diverse expertise and backgrounds, our common thread is the shared dedication to the Lindner community.”

Learn more about the team, which was put into effect in early 2020, on the Lindner news page.

Headshot of Marianne W. Lewis, PhD

Marianne W. Lewis, PhD

Dean and Professor of Management

Headshot of Robin Brinkman

Robin Brinkman

Executive Director, Strategic Operations


Headshot of Nick Castro

Nick Castro

Executive Director, Lindner Inclusive Excellence


Headshot of Rachel Fausz

Rachel Fausz

Senior Director, Lindner Development


Headshot of Suzanne Masterson, PhD

Suzanne Masterson, PhD

Associate Dean, Faculty, Research and Lindner Culture, Professor of Management


Headshot of Debora Myree, MBA

Debora Myree, MBA

Business Officer


Headshot of Steve Slezak, PhD

Steve Slezak, PhD

Associate Dean, Academic Programs, Director, Carl H. Lindner III Center for Insurance and Risk Management, Associate Professor, Department of Finance, Real Estate, and Insurance and Risk Management


Headshot of Chuck Sox, PhD

Chuck Sox, PhD

Associate Dean, Impact and Partnerships, Professor of Operations Management