Mission & Vision

Our Mission

To build and nurture learning partnerships that foster sustainable enterprises and careers. Collaborations with alumni, business, educational and community partners, and across disciplines, are central to our efforts. This partnership focus helps ensure that our interwoven teaching, research and service efforts add value and fuel ongoing innovation.

Teaching: Deliver academic programs that develop professionals capable of applying timely knowledge from business functions, of collaborating effectively across functions, disciplines and cultures, and of fostering organizational and personal growth.

Research: Conduct and communicate scholarly research to our academic fields, students and partners that expands global business knowledge and supports organizational growth. Further, we are committed to training other to conduct research that expands existing bodies of knowledge.

Service: Undertake outreach, support and development activities that enhance and extend our partnerships. Given our urban setting, we place particular emphasis on fueling economic development of Greater Cincinnati.


Our Vision

We will be a leading business college, a highly valued partner for business expertise and a catalyst for growth and development.

Core values provide a compass to guide us to the future. Our core values are:

Collaboration — We value shared decision-making, teamwork and partnerships.

Respect — We value the contributions of each individual and our relationship with others.

Inquiry — We value intellectual curiosity, creativity and rigor that enable life-long learning.

Knowledge Creation — We value research and its translation for students, business and scholarly communities.