Minor Investment, Major Difference

Getting a job can be tough. Stand out from the competition with the UC Business Minor.

Add value to your degree with a complementary business minor. Develop your professional distinction and enhance your resume with a general business minor or specialized expertise with a discipline-specific minor.

No matter what your major, the UC Business Minor will help you stand out from the crowd in today's­–and tomorrow's­–competitive job market.

Explore the discipline-specific minors to find a combination that fits your personal goals and interests. Distinguish yourself by adding further specialization, such as an emphasis on international business or in the field of real estate. The countless combinations enable you to customize your program.

Business Students

File an online Business Minor Application Form.

NOTE: The Business Administration Minor is designed for non-business students, and is therefore not a discipline-specific option.

Non-Business Students

Apply to enroll in a minor program by filing the online Business Minor Application Form. Students will be notified by email of their acceptance into the program and the process for registration in the required Lindner classes. Most business minors require a 3.0 University GPA for admission (Professional Sales and Family Business require a 2.5 GPA; Business Administration requires a 2.0 GPA).

In addition to the specialty minors, consider the broad Business Administration minor, designed to develop business foundations that support careers across varied professions and industries.