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Operations Management Major

Managing and directing all forms of activities is crucial in organizations. Operations management is concerned with designing efficient and productive processes, by effectively allocating resources, controlling inventory, scheduling projects, ensuring quality and improving overall organizational efficiency to achieve success. Operations management professionals are employed at airlines, federal agencies, banks, health facilities, retailers, manufacturers, logistics companies and consulting agencies.

The operations management major focuses on understanding project and quality management, supply chain management, operations planning and scheduling, service operations and operations strategy. Operations management professionals typically employ computer-based tools such as spreadsheets, project management software and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.

The operations management program provides a career path in both manufacturing and service organizations. Positions offered to recent graduates include production manager, operations manager, purchasing manager and agency administrator. In addition, OM graduates have joined leadership programs at companies such as GE Aircraft Engines and B.F. Goodrich.

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Ruth Seiple, MBA
Director, OM/BSIM Programs, Professor Educator, and, Director, Kolodzik Business Scholars Program
520 Carl H. Lindner Hall