PACE Curriculum

What does it take to have a meaningful career in business? Our graduates hold executive positions at many leading companies, and we often ask them this question. What we’ve learned is that in today’s connected world, success is primarily driven by who you are and how you act. Accordingly, we focus on the development of each student’s individual Professionalism, Academics, Character and Engagement (PACE) to ensure they can successfully pursue the personal and career goals they are passionate about.

At Lindner, business is more than a major — it's a behavior.


Team meetings. Video conferences. Emails. Presentations. Workdays today involve navigating all of these things and a lot more. Our real-world learning opportunities such as the Lindner Fast Track and co-operative education ensure that our students learn the professional communication skills they need to excel in the conference room and the boardroom, whether it’s virtually or face-to-face.

Our students benefit from the emphasis on professionalism at Lindner:

  • Lindner co-op students earn an average of $41,000 before graduation.
  • Lindner students who intern or co-op full-time earn an average salary of $9,728 per semester.
  • Our students go on to fulfilling careers at organizations ranging from Procter & Gamble to the United Way to their own entities.


We know our students are distinct individuals with unique goals and interests. That’s why our curriculum ensures that students have a foundational understanding of the key business functions, but the majority of each student’s academic plan is fully customizable. We have a breadth of majors and minors to choose from, and students can augment in-class learning with cooperative education, internships and/or international study experiences of their choosing.

Lindner Rankings

  • The Lindner College of Business has repeatedly been named one of the Best Business Schools in the United States by U.S. News & World Report, Bloomberg Businessweek and The Princeton Review
  • Both the Lindner full-time and part-time MBA programs are ranked among the nation’s top MBA programs by Bloomberg Businessweek and U.S. News & World Report
  • Five Lindner specialized master’s degrees have been ranked among the Top 10 programs in the country
  • The Lindner College of Business is ranked among the nation’s Top 100 undergraduate business schools by Bloomberg Businessweek


Character: Woman in conference room

Character means having the strength and conviction to both lead and work with teams made up of diverse social, cultural and economic viewpoints. We help you build these skills through hands-on, collaborative projects, often working with Cincinnati businesses.

Business is global and learning from diverse cultures is vital. At the Lindner College of Business, study abroad is a top priority. Our international options range from short, week-long programs, to three-week options to entire terms abroad. You can explore Latin America, Asia or Europe, or visit a different continent each year. You choose – and we hope you will take full advantage.

We prepare students for the inevitable times in their career when philosophical questions become real-world dilemmas through ethics seminars, global experiences and leadership opportunities.

  • Nationally-ranked in the top ten for Ethics in public institutions by Bloomberg Businessweek
  • More than 40 countries are represented in the Lindner student body
  • Our students have the opportunity to study abroad to hundreds of countries on six continents


Your life and your career will be comprised of much more than just work. Community service, citizenship and organizational involvement are all key components of personal growth. We empower students to get involved in the things they care about via the 20-plus student organizations within the Lindner College of Business, the 300-plus organizations within the University of Cincinnati and ongoing partnerships with service organizations like the United Way of Greater Cincinnati.

Project Impact

In 2013 we launched a new partnership with the United Way of Greater Cincinnati.  Through this initiative more than 500 of our students take on projects with more than 20 United Way agencies from the Girl Scouts to the Freestore Foodbank.





PACE in Practice

PACE is great as a concept. How does it really impact our students' college experience and beyond? Read the PACE in practice stories of recent graduates Janelle, Lane, Sally, Ben and Sam.