Lindner Fast Track

Your First-Year Family

On Day One at Lindner, all freshmen are grouped into Learning Communities of approximately 20 students. Your Learning Community will soon become your "second family" because you will take the majority of your first-year classes together and throughout your freshman year, you will work as a team on your Fast Track projects: Project Strategy, Project Innovation, and Project Impact. During these projects you will have many chances to explore opportunities in business and develop your professional strengths.

Project Strategy

In Project Strategy, you will be partnered with a world-leading company such as Procter & Gamble, Delta Air Lines or the Cincinnati Reds. You'll meet with executives from the company to learn about their organization and then perform a strategic analysis of their operations. You'll learn how to fully research a company and its industry, you'll brainstorm and investigate potential strategies, and ultimately present your recommendations to your client's leadership team. 

Project Innovation

In Project Innovation, you will focus on the startup end of the business spectrum to hone your creative, innovation, and entrepreneurial skills. You'll start by dreaming up a new product or service and then perform market research, develop financial models and develop a full business plan to support and launch your concept. Previous Project Innovation ideas include a flavored water dispenser, a pet rental service and a 3D room decorating app.

Project Impact

The benefits of a business education are not limited to the "for profit" realm. In Project Impact, you will select a United Way partner organization to work with and utilize your newly-acquired business skills to help that organization achieve its goals and simultaneously improve the Cincinnati community. Recent Project Impact partners ranged from the Boys & Girls Club to the Urban League of Greater Cincinnati to the Marvin Lewis Community Fund.

Freshman Year Experience Contacts:

Undergraduate Recruitment Office


Office: 103 Lindner Hall

Phone: (513) 556-6392