Lindner Women in Business


What's your dream?

The Lindner Women In Business want to help make it a reality

The world of business provides endless opportunities in industries ranging from fashion and finance to entertainment and engineering. However, young women aren’t always aware of all the different avenues available to them. That’s why the Lindner Women In Business organization spotlights the various careers, disciplines and industries open to emerging businesswomen.

The Lindner Women in Business organization focuses on inspiring, empowering and developing young women like yourself via a variety of activities:

  • Ongoing seminars that focus on women-centric business issues ranging from negotiation tactics to professional fashion advice to glass ceiling issues
  • Opportunities to connect with top women leaders at world-leading companies ranging from Procter & Gamble to Deloitte to Fifth Third Bank
  • Meetings featuring successful professionals from a variety of industries who share their stories and experiences

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