Business Fellows

Join Our Supportive Community.

Business Fellows is a community for African American, Hispanic/Latino and Native American students within the Lindner College of Business that provides access to a network of resources in order to highlight opportunities and ensure success at Lindner and beyond.

Comprised of undergraduate business students only, Business Fellows is led by Lindner faculty and staff, and a student Leadership Circle, which is refreshed each year. The Leadership Circle is tasked with the responsibility to shape the strategic direction of Business Fellows through passionate, innovative, and analytical student leadership.


Join a community of diverse business students

  • Gain a peer mentor
  • Attend social events
  • Make lifelong friends

Gain access to resources and support

  • Collegiate transition course
  • Academic & career advising
  • Financial support

Expand your opportunities for success

  • Professional development seminars
  • Leadership training activities
  • Exclusive study abroad experiences
  • Community service events

Contact Us

For Business Fellows program questions:

Adison Nelson
Phone: 513-556-5298


For UC Lindner College admissions questions:

Phone: 513-556-6392



Greggory Graves

Greggory Graves

"Business Fellows offers multiple opportunities to build and expand on my knowledge and experience as a business major; including hosting networking receptions to meet recruiters, scholarships to ease the financial burdens of college, and providing an amazing support system."

Leola Lynch

Leola Lynch

"Business Fellows has done so much for me! I have been encouraged to get involved and study abroad. I have received scholarship funding; and overall, they have been good advisors – and a group of people I can come to no matter what. I receive great advice, and I am pointed in the direction to succeed in achieving my goals."

Dominique Jackson

Dominique Jackson

"Initially, I only knew a handful of people within the college as a business minor. Then Business Fellows welcomed me and gave me a home within the Lindner College of Business. The program has provided me with new connections and opportunities through networking, mentorship, professional development, leadership as well as summer employment. I am #ProudToBeBusinessFellows."

Samantha Weaver

Samantha Weaver

"Business Fellows has helped a large college feel smaller, and more personal. I have been able to garner advice from Career Services and International Programs, as well as the entrepreneurial start-up community. These experiences have broadened my perspective when considering what’s possible collegiately and beyond graduation."