Business Honors

What makes Lindner Business Honors unique is that we combine innovative and rigorous academic communities with hands-on, real-world learning opportunities such as the ability to intern, co-op, network and study abroad.  All three programs are highly selective and may offer a merit-based scholarship.  Furthermore, we offer all business honors students:

  • Priority class registration
  • Access to honors sections of courses
  • Specialized Lindner Career Services support and events
  • Dedicated academic advisor
  • Distinction valued by employers

Carl H. Lindner Honors-PLUS (LHP) features a cohort model that forges life-long friendships while its unique combination of academic preparation, leadership training and paid work experiences drive accelerated career entry and progression.

Marvin P. Kolodzik Business Scholars (KBS) provides its students with multidisciplinary academics and focused global experiences in conjunction with real-world professional experiences to prepare them for successful careers.

Circle of Excellence (CoE) fosters service-oriented leadership in order to further develop character in future business leaders and to improve our local and global community via practical professional experiences in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors.


Current Lindner Business Honors freshmen have an average ACT composite of 30, SAT total of 1320, and a 3.9 GPA (unweighted) with strong leadership and extra-curricular involvement.  


Applying For Business Honors Programs


To be considered for each Business Honors program, University Honors and Cincinnatus Merit Based Scholarship, your completed UC application must be received by DECEMBER 1Only students with business as their first choice will be considered for business honors.  There is not a separate honors application for freshmen.

To apply for freshman admission, please visit



Each business honors program may accept transfers.  Current transfer classes have an average University (all college work) GPA 3.8 with a strong passion for business, extensive involvement in extracurricular activities/organizations and leadership. The online business transfer application for all three Honors Business Programs is currently available and will be open until March 24th.

Please note the transfer process has been modified for this current year and will change for future years. 


Carl H. Lindner Honors-PLUS

Fall Semester 2017 and beyond:

LHP may accept a limited number of transfers annually starting Fall Semester.  Interested students must complete the online business honors application.


Marvin P. Kolodzik Business Scholars

Fall Semester 2017

KBS may accept a limited number transfers from within Lindner, UC, and non-UC institutions.  Interested students must complete the online business application. 

Fall Semester 2018 and beyond:

KBS may accept a limited number of transfers from other Universities and non-Lindner UC students (Lindner honors and non-traditional students are not eligible) for Fall Semester 2018 and beyond.  Interested students must complete the online business application.


Note:  KBS freshmen entering Fall 2017 and beyond are not eligible for transfer consideration into Lindner Honors-PLUS or Circle of Excellence. All other students (internal or external) may apply for LH+ or CoE transfer. 


Circle of Excellence

CoE may accept a limited number of transfers each fall and spring semester.  Interested students must complete the online COE Transfer Application


Each application requires two completed recommendation surveys:  


  • Spring 2017 Transfer Admission–completed no later than December 1
  • Fall 2017 Transfer Admission  - completed no later than July 1 


How to be Considered for Business Honors Programs

All freshman business applicants with a completed University of Cincinnati freshman admission application submitted no later than December 1 will be considered for business honors.  When completing the supplemental application to The Common Application for UC, include business (any major or undesignated) as your first preference.

There aren't specific criteria for automatic admission or denial into Business Honors (LH+, KBS, COE) programs because applicants are screened on academics and admitted based on their complete profile.  Applicants meeting the Cincinnatus criteria for Lindner Business will be competitive in the business honors admission process.  Each business honors applicant is required to be a Cincinnatus Scholar.  

To be considered for the Cincinnatus scholarship, freshman applicants must have submitted a complete University of Cincinnati freshman admission application no later than December 1.  Criteria for the Cincinnatus scholarship program varies each year.  The current freshmen business Cincinnatus scholars all have a GPA > 3.2 AND have an ACT composite > 26 (SAT total > 1170 w/o the writing component) OR are in the top 5% official rank of their high school class."






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